How to make a pond

How to make a pond

If you have a more or less large space and you do not want to fill it with plants, but you are looking for something more “exotic”, how to choose a pond? Believe it or not, this is much easier than you think, and we will give you ideas on how to make a pond at home.

Can you imagine having one on the terrace? Maybe one with a waterfall? What would a fish pond look like in your garden? Discover how it is done step by step.


  • Make a pond step by step
    • 1.1 The steps to take to build it
  • A pond on a terrace or balcony?
  • Can you make a pond with a waterfall?

Make a pond step by step

Building a pond in your house is, to say the least, original. You will make your garden, terrace or even your balcony look quite different and also very elegant. You will not really need a natural water source, but you can make it artificially. But how to make a pond?

Normally, a pond is a common thing in a garden. In addition, it is used as a way to decorate without requiring more maintenance or dedication (keep in mind that the garden implies to maintain it and take good care of it). In general, ponds they are made to host they aquatic plants, animals (like fish, turtles, etc.) or even for the dogs themselves, a small “pool” for them.

Now, to do this, you need to take into account the requirements that pond will have. For example, if you put flowers on this, you need to find the pond in an area where there is permanently 4-6 hours of direct sunlight daily without shade. In the case of animals, we would even tell you more hours because the water will be warmer and the animals will appreciate it.

You should also check the place where you will build it, as well as the materials to be used. Among the materials, you must have stones, plastics, sand, gravel and a geotextile blanket (it is the one that helps the pond not invaded by plants).

In addition, you need tools to build it, such as a shovel, scissors, stapler and an ax.

The steps to take to build it

Now that you have everything and that you know where you will find the pond, the first step is to dig a hole in the garden. To do this, use the shovel. You have to dig at least 1 meter high, including, if possible, a small step. This is perhaps what may take you the longest and the most tiring.

The next step is to pour the sand to the base. You can help both with the shovel and with the sapper. You must respect that there are at least 10 cm of sand on the entire surface because it will serve as a mattress for which you need to put further, and at the same time it will avoid problems with insects or other garden.

First of all, we recommend that once sand the sand well. You may need to add more sand, but it is advisable to do this because you will not have unforeseen surprises.

You have already made the hole with the shape you want, and it is prepared with the sand, in the next step spread a plastic that covers the entire diameter of the hole. It is important that it is over, because you have to fix it to the ground. For that you need stones to help you shape it.

Of course, remember that the plastic should sink into the hole , not be too tense because you will not be able to fill it with water, or if you do, the scales may drag the stones you have placed. Take time to fix it well so that it does not fall and it stays in the hole. Why? Well, because now you will have to fill it with water. If you do this gradually, you can shape the plastic so that it is as smooth as possible.

Finally, you just have to define the edges so that the plastic is not visible (putting stones and decorative elements) and place the geotextile blanket so that no herbs or plants come around the pond.

A pond on a terrace or balcony?

Do you think you can not have your own pond on a terrace or on a balcony? Well, the truth is that you are wrong; Yes, they can be bye, though it is true that they will not be as you really imagine them.

A pond can be perfectly created in a small space, and you only need a container for the water and the plants or animals that you want to put inside. To do this, the steps to take are:

  • Get a container or container. It is important that it is resistant, that it is insulated (or you can insulate it), and even if it may be isothermalized, that is that it prevents very low or very high temperatures. You can also do this on a road, with slats to build a sort of box, square or rectangular. Other options are flowerpots (without a hole in the bottom), large fountains, amphorae …). You are wrong for choice.
  • Buy insulation. In this case, it may be with rock wool, cork, styrofoam, or even plastic, as to make a pond in the garden, but with smaller dimensions and without digging.
  • Sealant paint. It is important, regardless of the insulation, that you also use it because it will give more assurance that the water will not leak.

The last thing you need to choose the plants or animals to introduce. Now, in the case of the latter, take into account the size of the pond, because if it is very small, they may not feel comfortable in it, especially if they begin to grow.

Can you make a pond with a waterfall?

One question that may arise when building your pond is whether it may have a waterfall. The answer is yes, now, the construction process is more elaborate because you need to get a system of return of the water so that it falls through the stones that you put. This also implies two elevations, one for the base and the other which simulates the waterfall (usually made with stones to make it more natural).

Another alternative is to install a water pump which, even if it pushes out, keeps the water moving. It is much easier to apply, but has the same drawback as the water return system: you need to have it plugged in to the power it is working.

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