This is the secret of a good extra virgin olive oil

secret of a good extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of the foods that yes or yes you should incorporate into your diet, since it is the source of oleic acid, antioxidants and healthy fats that help prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and counteract the effect of free radicals in cells.

Does extra virgin olive oil hide some kind of secret? Possibly what makes it so important and beneficial is its composition. In addition to this, being a product derived from olives, it is an essential and versatile gastronomic element.

Does EVOO have a secret?

For experts in nutrition and gastronomy, the secret of extra virgin olive oil really has nothing to hide and is available to everyone , regardless of culture, diet or location in the world. What makes EVOO really special is that it contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, and E ; responsible for strengthening the immune system, contributing to calcium fixation and more.

It is also recognized for regulating intestinal transit and favoring the formation of brain tissue . Thanks to the latter, it helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. Oleic acid is its star component, as it is proven to help balance body weight due to its direct intervention in regulating metabolism.

On the other hand, from a culinary point of view, the oil is highly valued for withstanding high temperatures very well without losing its properties or oxidizing . Each food prepared with olive oil has an exquisite flavor and texture, which depends on the variety of olive with which it has been made. There are more fruity, spicy, bitter and even aromatic flavors, each of them having a specific application to prepare fish, meat, to spread on bread, as dressings or in stir-fries.

Tips for choosing a good extra virgin olive oil

The first thing you should do is make sure that the olive oil you are purchasing is really extra virgin , since otherwise you will be buying a refined one that lacks the properties of EVOO. Keep in mind that the extra virgin is subjected to low temperatures at the time of extraction and does not have organoleptic defects .

The packaging is another sign that you are buying the ideal one, as it tends to be opaque and as it oxidizes quickly, try to keep it away from light. The packaging date is also relevant and with the right temperature it can easily be stored for a year. If the container indicates that the oil has been produced for almost a year, do not buy it, as it will soon be unfit for human consumption.

Regarding the varieties, do not hesitate to ignore them, since there are several types of olives with which the EVOO can be made and which are ideal for different foods. The picua variety is the most resistant of all and has a pungent flavor. The Arbequina is more aromatic and sweet in the mouth. The hojiblanca has a sweet and spicy flavor, generally reminiscent of almonds.

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