13 Interesting Facts You Haven’t Heard Before

13 Interesting Facts You Haven't Heard Before

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We learn most of the information simply because we are curious. Thanks to this irresistible curiosity, mankind has managed to reach from the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space. The information we will give you soon may not take you to space, but we will be happy if another bucket of water can be added to your ocean of knowledge. Tell me interesting facts! Those who say get ready. We have compiled 13 different surprising facts that you will say wow while reading as an interesting information corner for you.

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1) The Aztecs used cocoa as currency. Cocoa beans were given to the soldiers who were successful in the war as a reward.

2) Tea, which is loved by people today, was consumed as a vegetable in China 1500 years ago.

3) Is there interesting information in the scientific and psychological field? Of course there is. For example, your personal characteristics and mood can be analyzed from your font. This field of study is called Graphology.

4) In Europe in the 1700s, tomatoes were believed to be poisonous. This belief disappeared towards the end of this century.

5) Playing an instrument engages almost all parts of the brain simultaneously.

6) Interesting information, we have chosen the most social plant that adapts to every environment for this article we have prepared for those who do research under the title of plants. Corn can be grown anywhere in the world except Antarctica.

7) Interesting information, under the title of little-known, you can also find research on different foods being seen as beneficial or harmful in different time periods. For example, ketchup was used as medicine in the 1800s.

8) The teabag was created when Thomas Sullivan sent the tea to prospective buyers in tiny silk bags. So the tea bag was invented by accident.

9) To shorten the mixing time of the flour dough and to prevent the dough from solidifying, tearing, etc. Sustain is used in many bakery products for Mostly human hair is produced from animal hair, especially pigs.

10) Potato can shoot and reflect Wi-fi signals. Due to their chemical structure and high water content, potatoes can attract and reflect wi-fi signals. Boeing, one of the companies that manufacture airplanes, used potatoes to test wi-fi signals on airplanes in 2012.

11) Interesting information is of course also found in the animal world. Let’s briefly touch on the surprising eating adaptations of animals in accordance with our concept of food. Chameleons use their tongues, which they can extend as long as their bodies, to catch their prey. Sharks can also detect a drop of blood from 5 km away.

12) Interesting information, there are definitely those who are wondering what could be about love. We can talk about different names of a flower or food in our articles, did you know that the word “love” is also expressed with different words in different languages? There are 96 words for love in Sanskrit and 80 words for love in Ancient Persian. In English, this number is only 1.

13) We already have very good articles on our blog about plants. Let’s talk about interesting tree information in this article. There is a tree that is seen as a symbol of connecting to life with power and therefore called the tree of life. The interesting thing about this tree is that it is located alone in the middle of the desert in Bahrain and has lived for 400 years.

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