Sage Oil:16 Miraculous Benefits of Sage Oil

Sage Oil

Are you ready to meet the benefits of sage oil? Sage is a natural and medicinal plant that contains many vitamins. Especially high in terms of B vitamins, sage is a natural remedy that should be found in every home during the days of infection and illness.

Sage is used in many ways to remedy complaints such as nerves, intestines, fatigue, and pain. The fact that it has different benefits for everyone has also made sage a popular herb. Sage oil, obtained from the leaves of sage, draws attention with its benefits.

This time, we continue the healing information article series prepared for you with sage oil. Sage oil, which is used in many ways, will be on these lines to heal you!

What Are the Benefits of Sage Oil?

Sage essential oil has numerous health benefits. If we mention these benefits one by one, we can offer you the following list:

  • First of all, sage oil is an acne-fighting herbal oil. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, when you massage your skin or use it in masks, it destroys inflammation on your skin. Thus, it never allows the formation of acne. It also prevents skin blemishes and allows you to have better skin.
  • You can feel better with sage oil on your stressful days. For menstrual cramps, sage oil can be your savior for tired and tiring days.
  • It is a powerful pain reliever oil. It has the feature of eliminating headache and bone pain in a short time.
  • Sage oil has a sexual arousing feature. It activates sexual feelings in men and women by increasing libido.
  • Sage oil, which is popular in the list of aromatherapy oils, provides the secretion of happiness hormone when used. It removes anxiety and fear.
  • Sage oil is protective against uterine and ovarian cancer. It ensures the secretion of estrogen hormone and thus protects women’s health.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, you can regulate your sleep with sage oil. Since it has a calming effect on the nerves, it awakens the feeling of sleep and takes you to a comfortable sleep.
  • Sage oil is a powerful oil for the circulatory system. It allows the blood transferred to the muscles and organs to reach more easily. Thus, all body functions work efficiently.
  • It is effective in the circulatory system as well as in the digestive system as a powerful oil. Sage oil facilitates digestion, improves stomach problems such as indigestion.
  • It fights internal parasites such as urinary tract infections and kills microbes that enter the body in a short time. With sage oil, you can purify your body from microbes.
  • If your cholesterol level is high in your blood values, you can balance your cholesterol level with sage oil.
  • In addition, sage oil clears ailments such as vaginal fungus in a short time and allows you to spend your most sensitive days healthier.
  • It will also be very effective in oral care and will protect oral health by preventing gingivitis.
  • The pain relief feature of sage oil will also be effective for herniated disc and back pain. It is a very effective oil for those who stand all day long and those who work as physical workers.
  • It will be a solution for those who want to get rid of edema during the diet process. It is used by many people because it has an aspect that facilitates weight loss.
  • Due to its effect on blood circulation, it heals wounds and accelerates cell regeneration. It also relieves redness and irritation in a short time.

What are the Benefits of Sage Oil for Hair?

  • Sage oil has a high vitamin content, so it is also used in hair care masks.
  • Many shampoos and hair care products on the market contain sage oil.

The changes that sage oil added to the hair care mask or shampoo will create in your hair are:

  • It destroys the fungus on the scalp and allows the scalp to breathe.
  • It ends hair loss by reducing, so it supports having thicker hair.
  • It eliminates skin problems such as dandruff.
  • It nourishes your hair in regular use as it will give your hair vitamins.
  • It adds vitality and shine to the hair. It removes the dryness.
  • It prevents any infection that may occur in your hair.

What Does Sage Oil Do, How Is It Used?

  • Sage oil protects your body from germs and refreshes you from head to toe.
  • You should use it regularly and consciously to see its benefits. For daily use, you can choose not to exceed 1 teaspoon.

In addition, it will be healthier to thin and use the oil. According to its intended use, you can evaluate sage oil as follows:

  • Skincare: You can mix sage oil with coconut oil or almond oil and use it as a massage oil.
  • If you want it to be good for your skin, you can apply the skin at regular intervals.
  • Oral care: Add 2 drops of sage oil to 100 ml of drinking water and apply as a mouthwash. Never swallow the gargled water and spit it out.
  • You can protect your oral health by applying it 3 times a week.
  • It is recommended for smokers to try it. Because with this method, the formation of bad odor in the mouth is prevented and oral care is done naturally.
  • For stomach problems: Drop a drop of sage oil suitable for consumption into 1 glass of water and drink this water. It will prevent stomach bloating and burning.
  • Especially when you eat a lot of food, you can choose to relax your stomach.
  • For menstrual pain: Mix a few drops of sage oil with a glass of water and massage the abdomen area. For general body aches, you can massage the aching area with this water.
  • You can also burn sage oil as incense to relieve tension during this period.
  • To relieve stress: You can add sage oil to your bathwater. Or you can pour a few drops into a deep bowl and leave it in the room.
  • Do not wait for your tense moments to try this method. You can prepare yourself for the day by spreading the scent in the room every night or morning.
  • To regulate sleep: drip sage oil into a large bowl and place it in a corner of the room where you will sleep.
  • Those who have stressful days and have difficulty falling asleep can try this method.
  • For herniated disc and pain: Sage oil and sesame oil were recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu for pain.
  • Mix 3 spoons of sesame oil and 1 spoon of sage oil. Massage the neck and waist area.
  • With this cure used in Ottoman medicine, you can eliminate herniated disc and pain.

It is recommended to use sage oil regularly for freshness and herbal regeneration from head to toe. We will recommend that you use it once and not wait for results, and apply it regularly every week.

Since sage relaxes the nerves and accelerates blood circulation, it should never be used during pregnancy. It is dangerous as it will damage the uterine muscles.

Use of Sage Oil in Babies

  • You can use sage oil, also known as bitter apple oil, on babies.
  • How Does? First of all, you can feel safe for use by consulting your doctor.
  • Afterward, for the use of sage apple oil in babies, you can drop a couple of drops of sage oil into 1 glass of water and massage your baby.
  • There is one detail that needs attention: Massage is considered appropriate and healthy for babies aged 2 and over.
  • Massage takes the gas of the baby and helps them sleep more comfortably. When using sage oil, we strongly recommend that you thin it with drinking water.

How Much Is Sage Oil? Where is it sold?

  • You can find sage oil at your nearest herbalist or in cosmetic stores.
  • Sage oil is available under many brand names. When buying, make sure that it is 100% natural.
  • If you are going to buy it for consumption, again, pay attention to its natural and additive-free.
  • The price of sage oil, which you will buy to see its benefits, varies between 18 TL and 40 TL.
  • If you can’t find it in your city, herbalists selling online can send you sage oil as soon as possible.

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