What Are the Benefits of Goji Berry? Healing Goji berry

What Are the Benefits of Goji Berry

What is Goji Berry?

goji berry; It is a fruit of the Strawberry family, mostly grown in China and also known as goji berry in Turkey. The fruit, which has been used in China for about 1700 years, tastes similar to both blueberry and cherry. It is a bright red, sweet and juicy fruit. It can be consumed fresh or dried. Although it is generally found in dried form in our country, it will become much easier to reach the fresh form with the increase in production areas.

The fruit has been in China for centuries; It is consumed in meals, desserts and as tea. It has a great place in traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, when its health benefits have been noticed, it has started to attract great attention all over the world. Goji berry, which is a powerful antioxidant and contains vitamin C, is thought to contribute to longevity in Asia.

What Are the Benefits of Goji Berry?

  • Goji berry, which is a store of vitamin C, is very good for colds. It is claimed to contain four times as much vitamin C as an orange.
  • It has a calming and stress-reducing effect. It has been discovered that it contains substances that are good for depression and anxiety.
  • It has been found useful in stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers.
  • It is used in the treatment of infertility in the Far East and Asia.
  • It has been shown to be beneficial for diabetics. However, diabetic patients using medication should consult their doctor before using this fruit.
  • It has a reducing effect on bad cholesterol.
  • Vitamin A in its content is very beneficial for the eyes.
  • It gives energy and is good for fatigue.
  • It has been observed to have effects on the recovery of cancer patients.
  • It is beneficial for liver and kidney patients. It is known to be used in the treatment of liver cancer in China.
  • It delays skin aging. It has anti-aging properties.
  • It has been shown to increase the amount of growth hormone secreted from the pituitary gland. Therefore, it has a positive effect on growth and development.
  • It strengthens the immune system with the antioxidants it contains. It has a protective effect against diseases.
  • Goji berry, which accelerates fat burning, can be used as a support for weight loss.
  • The calcium it contains is beneficial for bone health.
  • It is claimed that when used in moderation, it regulates sleep and provides a comfortable sleep pattern.
  • It gives a feeling of satiety due to the amino acids it contains.

How to Use Goji Berry

Modern medicine is constantly working to improve the duration and quality of human life. On the other hand, he benefits from the blessings of traditional medicine. While doing this, it mostly uses plant and natural food sources. Goji berry fruit is also among the natural and beneficial foods that have become popular in recent years. The fruit, which has been beneficial for thousands of years in China, is now in great demand by western societies.

“What is goji berry, how is it used, what are the benefits and harms?” In addition to basic questions such as “Where is goji berry sold?”, “Where can I find goji berry?” You can also find answers to your questions through our article.

What Are The Goji Berry Harms?

Of course, there are also disadvantages of the goji berry fruit, which we have mentioned about its many benefits. Although goji berry is beneficial for diabetics, patients using medication should consult their doctor before using this fruit. Goji berry increases the effect of blood-thinning drugs. Patients using these drugs should also consult their physician before consuming the fruit. When consumed excessively, it has a diarrhea-inducing effect and can lead to hypertension.

Since goji berry contains a high amount of selenium, it is inconvenient for pregnant women to consume this fruit. It can lead to hyperactivity due to its energy-increasing effect. Consuming goji berry in excess can cause dizziness. In people with allergic structure; can cause itching, sneezing, and coughing.

How Much Goji Berry Should Be Consumed Per Day?

To benefit from the benefits of the fruit, you can consume 30-50 grams of goji berries daily. Consumption of a larger amount of goji berry can lead to the negative situations mentioned above. 100 grams of fresh goji berry fruit is about 83 calories. 1 teaspoon of the dried form contains 15 calories. Goji berry fruit can be consumed in salads, soups, and tea, as well as added to cakes and cookies. A delicious breakfast can be prepared by mixing it with muesli.

How to Use Goji Berry for Weight Loss?

Goji berry fruit has been on the diet lists recently, and it is of great interest to people who want to lose weight. There are also diets called the “goji berry diet”. Such diets should not be preferred if they are unhealthy diets that emphasize the use of a single nutrient. However, people who want to eat healthily can consume this fruit considering its benefits. In addition to goji berry slimming pill and goji berry cream, commercial products such as goji berry tea and goji berry juice, which are claimed to affect weight loss, are offered for sale at many points.

So, How Does Goji Berry Help Weight Loss?

Although goji berry is a sweet fruit, it has a low glycemic index. It does not increase blood sugar quickly and reduces appetite. Instead of consuming other sweets with very high calories, you can meet your sweet needs and get fewer calories by consuming this fruit.

Being a food rich in amino acids helps the fruit feel full for a long time. For this reason, since it is consumed in between meals, it allows you to stay full until the main meals. Goji berry also has the effect of accelerating metabolism. It largely meets the daily fiber requirement. It prevents constipation with its high fiber content. It helps your digestive system work better. Due to its high chromium content, it accelerates the breakdown of sugar and reduces the storage of fats. The thiamine in goji berry aids both carbohydrate metabolism and proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Goji berry fruit makes it easier to do the recommended exercises as well as the diet. In addition to increasing muscle strength, it gives extra energy. Fresh consumption of goji berry has been shown to be effective on weight loss. The effect of dried fruit on weight loss is more limited.

While dieting, no food should be regarded as a miracle. No single nutrient can weaken you. Goji berry is not a miracle food on its own. It can be used as an aid to diet together with a suitable diet list to be arranged by the dietitian and regular sports.

Where to Buy Goji Berries?

If you ask where you can find goji berry fruit; fresh goji berry fruit has just started to be found in our country. You can find dried fruits in many markets and nut shops. The price per kilogram of fruit varies between 60-80 TL.

For healthier consumption, it is necessary to prefer those sold in a vacuum and closed packages. Fruits sold in discolored or altered form can harm your health. Therefore, we recommend that you check carefully when purchasing.

Where Does Goji Berry Grow?

The homeland of the goji berry is China. “Where does goji berry grow in Turkey?” There is no answer for now. However, the humid climate of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean is particularly suitable for the seedlings of the fruit. Although the fresh fruit is not currently for sale, goji berry saplings have been offered for sale in our country in recent years and started to be grown in many places. It is even possible to buy seedlings and grow them on the balcony. However, it should not be forgotten that the nutritional properties of goji berries, which are grown in different climates and soil characteristics, will also differ according to their homeland.

Where to Buy Goji Berry Saplings?

You can reach goji berry seedlings through nurseries and greenhouses selling seedlings, as well as on the Internet; You can also reach e-commerce sites that sell plants, plant seeds, and saplings.

Where to Buy Goji Berry Seed?

Goji berry can also be grown from seed. You can find goji berry seeds from online sites and nurseries.

Where to Buy Goji Berry Tea?

Goji berry tea, which is claimed to be a drink that supports weight loss, is prepared by boiling dry fruits directly as well as from ready-made packages sold in bags. Green tea or plain goji berry tea varieties; It is offered for sale on internet sites, herbalists, and some markets. In summary, this tea; “Where to find goji berry?” It is delivered to consumers at all sales points that can answer the question.

Where to Buy Goji Berry Cream?

Products such as goji berry weight loss pill and weight loss cream are mostly marketed over the Internet. You can also find it easily in transfers. Goji berry cream can be found in cosmetic stores. Considering that many under-the-counter products are marketed on the Internet, it is very important to obtain these products, especially from official sales sites.

Now that you have learned where to buy goji berry and what its benefits are, you can use goji berry fruit, which has attracted the attention of alternative medicine, in appropriate amounts, according to your health status, by consulting your doctor. You can benefit from the benefits of fruit in many aspects related to your health.

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