Lagos Fish

Lagos Fish

The Most Delicious Mediterranean: Lagos Fish

Known as the food that comes with the abundance of the seas, fish is among the foods that always take a place in the memories with its taste as well as its benefits to human health. It is important to consume this beautiful and useful food, which is the indispensable taste of the tables, because of the minerals and vitamins it has.

What is Lagos Fish? What are its features?

  • Lagos, also commonly used as “lahos”, is one of the first to come to mind among marine fish.
  • Lagos fish, which is especially common in the Mediterranean region, also shows itself in the Aegean.
  • This fish species, which does not live in too deep, chooses rocky, stony or gravelly areas as its habitat.
  • Known as a predatory and carnivorous fish species, lagos feeds on all crustaceans, invertebrates and small fish, regardless of large or small size.
  • This fish, which has a regional economic value, has a very tasty white meat of the Mediterranean region and a great reputation.
  • The price of lagos fish, which has a delicious taste, is at a level that cannot be called economical compared to other fish.
  • Lagos fish can have a variety of colors. In our country, they are generally seen in a gray color close to green. They have more or less prominent vertical black bands with tandem spots, tandem spots.
  • There are also two or three oblique lines on their heads.
  • Lagos, also known as Lahos fish, live in stony and rocky areas as well as sand and muddy bottoms.
  • Average 20-200 meters. This species, which lives in the depths of the sea, is 8-12 mt. in rocky coastal areas in the waters of our country. visible at depths.
  • Lahos are known to be extremely loyal to their environment. These species generally do not leave their habitats.
  • In addition, these fish have an opportunistic feeding feature called carnivores.
  • Lagos are densely located in sub-tropical regions where the water temperature is 15-30 degrees. They can also live in wide salt ranges.

How to Fish Lagos Fish?

  • Lagos, known as stone fish, is caught by pulling the rapalan very close to the stones.
  • It is said that he can also hunt with spearguns.
  • Due to being very close to the stones in rapala fishing, the bottom structure of the sea where the fishing takes place should be really well known.
  • If the rapala rubs against the bottom, there is a good chance that it will be picked up from grass or garbage at the bottom. This is also an undesirable situation.
  • However, if any of these situations is not met and the rapalan is pulled properly, the lagoon will be attracted to the pass by gliding by the stones.
  • This temptation will be too convincing for him to get out of his hole.
  • The fish that comes out of its hole easily grabs the rapala and proceeds towards the nearest hole. The real struggle begins at that moment.
  • It is important to use body line that is resistant to the struggle experienced when hunting lagoon. That is 40 kg. It should be attractive and resistant to rubbing against stones.
  • The drag adjustment to be made for the hunt allows the fish to stop for a short time at the first moment and prevents it from moving forward. Therefore, it provides the advantage that will enable it to take the lead against the fish in the fight.
  • In the meantime, if the boat is taken to the open at as low a speed as possible without stopping, the possibility of stones that the fish can hide or enter will be eliminated.

What Are the Benefits of Lagos Fish?

  • Fish has many health benefits. For this reason, it is recommended by experts to consume it in certain periods and at a rate. Of course, although it is known to be beneficial for health, it is always the right method for those with chronic or permanent health problems to consume in consultation with their doctor.
  • The most distinctive feature that distinguishes Lagos fish from other fish is that it has pure white meat and less oil. These features make it even more useful.
  • It is extremely rich in omega 3. It also contains various vitamins.
  • It is known as an important food source to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, its health benefits are too great to be underestimated. However, the right amount of consumption for each nutrient should not be overlooked.

How to Cook Lagos Fish

  • Mostly caught in August and September, lagos fish cooking methods are steamed, stewed, grilled, fried, soup, boiled and salad.
  • Lagos fish dishes are extremely delicious due to the high nutritional value as well as the structure of the meat. This fish species, which is one of the expensive fish on the table, has a wide range of dishes.
  • Lagos is a large and scaly fish. For this reason, its cleaning is a little different than other fish and its skin is peeled according to the cooking method. In order to clean the scales, first the scales of the fish are fried. Then it is kept in warm water so that the scales are easy to scrape. Afterwards, classical fish cleaning processes are carried out.
  • Of course, grilled lagos fish will be the choice of those who like to enjoy themselves in the garden of their home during the summer months. However, it is possible to enjoy this flavor at home, thanks to the recipe for lagos fish in the oven.
  • For those who want to warm up, lagos fish soup will definitely be the right choice.
  • Nobody would say no to a white meat feast complete with all its vitamins.
  • As you can see, there are many food alternatives for this type of fish. The rest is for everyone to cook by choosing the one closest to their own taste.

Where to Eat Lagos Fish

  • Considering that there are regions that can be called the homeland of every fish, the best places to eat lagoon are the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. However, it should not be unfair to other places that are famous for their menus from these regions.
  • Especially lagosun, known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, is another pleasure to eat as it is prepared by expert chefs in places specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. However, if there are those who want to taste this fish in their homeland, it may be a good idea to determine the holiday route according to this request.
  • Apart from all these, for those who say they want to serve this flavor at home, practical and easy lagos fish recipe options will be the best helpers.
  • Each of them waits for the right person to discover himself, for which he is the most ideal recipe.

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