Look at these potatoes from Aldi. They are a totally different color than the one we know!

potatoes from Aldi

There is a novelty among Spanish consumers, which makes them exclaim: Look at these Aldi potatoes , they are black! And it is that the supermarket chain now offers this variety of potato, which is little known in Spain. Below you can learn more about this exotic tuber rich in carbohydrates, whose consumption allows you to acquire the energy you require to carry out your activities.

The potato is a tuber native to the high Andes of South America, which was brought to Spain by Pedro Cieza de León, seven decades after the Discovery. From there it spread to the rest of the world, until it formed, together with rice, wheat and corn, the basis of the energy diet of our species .

Potatoes are a good source of energy , since they provide 80 calories per 100 g, when they are prepared boiled. Its fame as a food that produces excess weight is due to the fact that when they are fried they tend to absorb a lot of oil, which almost quintuples their calorie content. For this reason, the World Health Organization recommends eating them in boiled preparation, and avoiding doing so when they are fried in oil.

A secret to improve health is to eat boiled potatoes that have been left to cool for at least a couple of hours. Some chemical changes that occur during this process make them indicated to regulate blood sugar, and reduce cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations. This also makes better use of the minerals it contains, among which iron stands out .

Look at these Aldi chips, they’re black!

For many people, the black potatoes offered by the supermarket chain Aldi are a novelty. This variety of potatoes is grown in neighboring France, and except for the difference in colour, they are very similar to traditional potatoes. Although at a nutritional level, the black ones have a higher concentration of antioxidants and stimulants of the body’s defenses.

Its color is due to the fact that the artificial selection process, applied over many generations of crops, has changed its natural pigmentation. In fact, similar processes in crops in other regions have produced red, yellow or even green potatoes .

The color of the potato has little influence on its flavor , so you can use the black ones to prepare your recipes, just as if it were the traditional variety. Of course, its color will give your plate a very exotic and peculiar look, which you can take advantage of to pleasantly surprise your guests.

For this reason, we recommend you go to a store of the Aldi supermarket chain , and buy this product, for the incredible price of 500 g for 0.99 euro. It should be noted that the offer is not available in all Aldi stores , so you must first check its availability.

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