Grapes: Types of grapes that exist around the world

Types of grapes

Grapes  are fruits that are grown  almost all over the world and that is why they have become one of the most accessible. In addition, they represent an important source of nutrients, so your body will benefit from their regular consumption. To begin with, they have a high potassium content,  making them essential for patients with high blood pressure. They also include fiber  in their long list of properties, which is why they significantly improve stomach health.

But in addition to knowing the nutritional benefits of this fruit with more than  800 thousand years of history,  we would like to answer another equally important question that we have come across regularly:  How many types of grapes are there in the world? The question led to an exhaustive investigation that resulted in the following list.

Types of grapes that exist around the world

Currently up to  10,000 varieties  of grapes are known, but we only know a few. For the purposes of this article and to facilitate the understanding of our readers, we have classified the different fruits into  red and white. And then we will tell you which are the most popular according to their category.

White grapes

1. Chardonnay

Coming from the Burgundy region in France, Chardonnay is a grape used for winemaking. Its characteristic pale  yellow  color has made it gain a lot of notoriety, but its main characteristic is its  ability to adapt to any type of soil,  so its expansion to any territory has not meant any problem. This grape is also known for the harmony of its aromas, with citrus being the most prevalent.

2. Airen

Like Chardonnay, the grape variety known as Airén has been specially cultivated for the development of the wine sector. Coming from Spain, this fruit represents up to 23% of vineyards throughout the nation. Its branches produce large quantities, but if there is something that should be highlighted, it is its ability to adapt to  low-fertility soils. The best thing is that it resists drought.

3. Sultanine

Originating from Turkey, the  sultanina  is a variety of white grape that is used both for the production of sparkling wines and for use at the table. But it is also especially valued for the creation of raisins. Its flavor is so delicious that it has become one of the most popular today. In the wine sector, it has set the standard for offering a much drier type of wine, not very sweet, with low acidity and an incomparable weapon.

4. Sauvignon Blanc

It is also used in the wine industry and is the main ingredient in the best sparkling wines ever tasted in the world. Although its origin takes place in France, it is in Spain where it is currently processed with greater effectiveness. However, its cultivation has also spread to other countries such as  Chile, New Zealand  and  the United States. It does not have a characteristic image, since it acquires qualities typical of the land where it is cultivated.

Red grapes

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon  is one of the  most widely produced grapes in the world. Yes, it originates from France but now it has influence in most of the wine producing regions. It is also one of the best known for its unmistakable aroma and flavor. Through this fruit, dry red wines can be made, whose nuances closely resemble those of tobacco or pepper.


It is one of the most produced worldwide. It is a table grape with a characteristic  almost black purple  color that makes it known. Among its most outstanding qualities are its acidity and juiciness, but it is also known that it is a grape with many seeds and sugar. It also contains a high content of  vitamin C,  which greatly helps the immune system. It comes from China; however, they are also grown in Brazil and the United States, although on a smaller scale.

3. Merlot

Merlot is one of the favorites in the wine sector for being flexible and even “ubiquitous”. It is not only used as the main ingredient for one of the best red wines in the world, but it is also essential  to correct or improve  the appearance of other sparkling beverages. It is said to be the world’s fourth largest producing grape, followed by Kyoho, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sultanina.

4. Tempranillo

Another of the great essentials for winemaking in Spain (where it originates from) is the  Tempranillo grape variety. But its production is also highly known in  Douro  and  Central Alentejo,  two important regions of Portugal. It is grown on a large scale in Chile and Argentina, but it has also been seen (although very little) in vineyards in the United States, Mexico, Peru, France and Australia.

Yes, the list is much longer, but these are the best known grape varieties in the world. There are to make wines and also to place on the table and taste. They are useful for the celebration of the holidays, so they deserve a try. By the way, if you want to substitute this fruit for the ritual of December 31, visit  Mercadona  , which launches a  substitute for the 12 New Year’s Eve grapes .

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