Nashi Pear 101: Benefits, Types and Side Effects

Nashi Pear

Fruit consumption is very important for health and is often emphasized by doctors. Vitamin and mineral support is taken in all kinds of fruit consumption. One of the fruits that will help you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs will be the Japanese nashi pear. This type of pear is in the list of popular fruits of Japan.

You can consume nashi pear to stay fit, look better and live free from diseases. Before consuming nashi pear, you can have detailed information about naşi pear by reading this article we prepared for you.

What is Nashi Pear?

  • The Nashi pear is known as the Japanese pear. It has a watery texture and is not very large.
  • This pear, with a light brown color and light yellow spots, has an apple-like appearance.
  • This fruit, which resembles an apple or a pear when cut, is a fruit with high nutritional value.
  • Growing on a vigorous tree, the nashi pear grows efficiently when conditions are provided.
  • Naşi pear, which has a unique aroma, can be preserved for a long time under cold storage conditions.
  • Nashi pear is a low-calorie fruit. It is often recommended in dietary nutrition. Its toughness holding feature is also high.

Nashi Pear Harms and Side Effects

The benefit of nashi pear is quite satisfying. If you eat nashi pear regularly, you will strengthen your immune system. So, what will be the harms of nashi pear consumed too much?

  • Nashi pears have a unique sweet flavor. If you have diabetes, it is recommended to consume in moderation.
  • It can cause diarrhea because it contains dietary fiber. Avoid over-consumption.
  • Consuming nashi pear in moderation can cause abdominal pain.

Benefits of Nashi Pear: Perfect for Infectious Diseases

So, what kind of benefits does nashi pear have? Let’s review what are the benefits of nashi pear together!

  • Contains dietary fiber. Therefore, it helps to lose weight.
  • It keeps cancerous cells away from the body. Increases body resistance.
  • It makes the skin look beautiful. It clears acne and degreases.
  • It removes dryness in the body. It balances the humidity.
  • It cleans the bacteria in the mouth and prevents cavities.
  • It is as effective as antibiotics. In case of infection, you can get rid of diseases by consuming in moderation.
  • It energizes the body and helps you stay vigorous.
  • Nashi pear, which has a high vitamin value, supports muscle and bone development. It provides high energy when consumed before sports.
  • Eye health is protected thanks to the nashi pear. If you eat nashi pear regularly, you will protect the visual health by protecting the structure of the retina.

What are the Nashi Pear Types?

nashi pear, which is a type of pear fruit, is also classified among itself. According to their various characteristics, nashi pear varieties are as follows:


  • It is a type of nashi suitable for frequent planting.
  • The fruit of this species is quite juicy.
  • Its aromatic smell is felt as soon as you cut it.
  • It is harvested in August.


  • Fruit thinning must be done in this type of nashi tree. Otherwise, the shape and structure of the fruits will deteriorate.
  • It has a crispy flesh like an apple. High yield is obtained when harvested in the last week of August.


  • It is a very productive type of nashi.
  • When you enter August, it is recommended to harvest until the middle of the month. Otherwise, rot will occur.

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