Carrot: Carrot to lose weight?Natural properties of carrots?


There are many myths and magical properties that are attributed to certain foods. Advertising, marketing and even popular habits and beliefs reinforce them. In matters of diets there are no absolutisms, the most useful advice is rather aimed at individualizing the approaches and adapting them to each organism and lifestyle. The elimination of some ingredient from the diet does not help much in this , without a previous analysis of what it generates in that body.

In this age of digital information, it is common to see countless recipes, as is the case with carrots (scientific name: Daucus carota ). Well, its presence has increased exponentially as an essential component in a healthy diet. However, it is convenient to see how far its reach extends.

What are the natural properties of carrots?

It is proven that the consumption of certain vegetables, such as carrots, can act as a detoxifier and has proven richness in vitamins and minerals. The raw carrot has only 41 calories per 100 g  and a low glycemic index, meanwhile, cooked carrots have fewer calories and less fat and water than raw carrots.

It is known that 100 g of raw carrot gives us 40 calories, while cooked they give us 35 g. They are high in carbohydrates and vitamin A. And another very interesting fact is that a carrot would cover 89% and 112% of the daily needs of men and women, respectively. Its consumption does not reverse problems or ailments that already exist.

However, according to some studies, it can help prevent some types of cancer, as its antioxidant power helps reduce free radicals in the body, which can accumulate in cells and damage DNA , increasing the risk of also suffering from many other diseases. So there are plenty of reasons to justify its daily consumption. However, you should know that some experts recommend swapping carrots for parsnips.

Does it really help lose weight?

The psycho-emotional factor is decisive in any metabolic process. For example, the attitude when eating, if it is done under a stress environment or not, or by the influence and domain of negative or harmful emotions, etc. Carrot consumption provides a great feeling of satiety , which could help lose weight as it allows us to reduce the amount of food we usually eat . In this it is true that what makes you fat is the amount of calories consumed in a day but above all the series of factors that surround that consumption.

So, more than helping you lose weight, it generates a satiety effect that in any case prolongs the time that you want to go to the first thing you have at hand, a sandwich or candy, and for this reason it works a bit like a regulator .

In any case, the most important factor is that once a healthy weight is reached, it is key to follow healthy eating habits and engage in sustained physical activity that helps maintain that weight for a long time.

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