What Goes With Meatballs? 12 Recipes All Very Delicious

What Goes With Meatballs

Meatballs, which are rich in protein, are indispensable for everyone from small to large. It is possible to make practical presentations in a short time thanks to the meatballs, which are the saviors of those who are looking for a satisfying option after their busy work or school tempo. However, besides meatballs and meatball types, which are often served as a main course, the question of which meal to make comes to mind.

Are you thinking about what flavor you will serve with your meatballs that you have prepared meticulously? Then these recipes are for you!

What to Eat with Meatballs? Here are the Best Advice!

Meatballs, which is one of the recipes that will be most suitable for guests who come to the door, crowded dinners or tea hours during the day, although it is sufficient on its own, it can often become much more delicious with small recipes to be added to it for a balanced flavor. Moreover, these recipes are very easy to apply! Let’s find the answer to the question of what goes with the meatballs together with our article!

1) Vermicelli Rice

  • One of the first recipes to be made with grilled meatballs will be rice.
  • Thanks to its satisfying aspect and its complementary aspect to the meat dish, you can easily make noodle rice pilaf.
  • At the same time, if you are going to host a crowded dinner, you can go out of the classic rice and try different recipes with small touches and offer different tastes to your guests.

2) French Fries

  • The harmony of french fries with meatballs can be the savior of kitchens!
  • You can flavor the french fries, which children love so much, by combining different spices.
  • At the same time, if you say that presentation is important to me, you can go beyond the classical look and cut the potatoes in the form of apple slices and put them in the oven.

3) Yogurt Soup

  • Stuffed meatballs, which has a special place among traditional tastes in terms of its appearance and full flavor, is the right alternative for those who want to spend a stylish and satisfying meal.
  • Even though the stuffed meatballs, which are enriched with the harmony of bulgur and ground beef, are enough on their own, they can become more enjoyable with a soup to be consumed beforehand.
  • If you are going to prefer stuffed meatballs and you are asking what goes with stuffed meatballs, you can try the video yogurt soup recipe that you can serve warm or hot and will refresh you.

4) Mashed Potatoes

  • Among the different flavors of Turkish cuisine, Kadınbudu Köfte is among the alternatives you will prefer for your guests, especially for dinner.
  • It is very easy to make women’s budu meatballs, which you can turn into a feast of taste with its tricks, even more enjoyable!
  • Thanks to the mashed potatoes, which are both practical and rich in nutrients, you can set up a guest table that is harmonious in terms of both visuality and taste in a very short time without thinking about what goes with the women’s budu meatballs.

5) Lettuce Salad

  • İzmir meatballs, which will be enough to be the star of the tables on their own, are among the first alternatives for those who do not want to skip meals and at the same time want to make their meal more enjoyable.
  • The best complement to Izmir meatballs, which tastes good with its unique shape and small touches, will be lettuce salad with lots of greens.
  • With the salad recipe, which is a classic but solid answer to the question of what goes with Izmir meatballs, you can prepare a satisfying dinner and at the same time try new tastes with different salad recipes.

6) Pickle Flavor Purple Cabbage Salad (10 Minutes)

  • The question of what goes with raw meatballs can actually be answered with different flavors by going beyond the classical recipes.
  • If you are looking for a recipe other than buttermilk, besides raw meatballs that you buy ready-made or make at home, and if you like to consume pickles in your meals, this alternative is for you!
  • Moreover, you only need 10 minutes for the marinade to be ready. How Does? Click on the recipe!

7) Apple Compote

  • Fellah meatballs, which are among the indispensables of day sittings or tea hours, are the saviors of housewives in terms of both presentation and taste.
  • If the fellah meatballs, which is one of the practical recipes that those who eat it want another plate, with its visuality and satiety, are to be consumed as a single meal, it is possible to balance the flavor with a lighter recipe to be added to it.
  • If you want to balance the satiety of Fellah meatballs and make a light and fresh presentation that will relieve the stomach, we recommend you to try the compote recipe with apples, which you can find in all seasons.
  • In this way, you can create a delicious alternative in a very short time to the question of what goes with the fellah meatballs.

8) Pasta with Tomato Sauce

  • If mom meatballs are on the menu tonight, we’re getting a little spoiled! One of the favorite dishes of especially little gourmets besides meatballs is pasta with lots of sauce!
  • If you are thinking of what to serve next to the crispy fried dry meatballs, here is a recipe with a guarantee of happiness: Pasta with tomato sauce!
  • Even if you have never tried it, you will get great results thanks to the video recipe, don’t miss it!

9) Kidney Bean Stew with Olive Oil

  • Has become a feast of tiny meatballs combines juicy meatballs is that you can choose between the ideal meal for dinner.
  • However, since it is often a satisfying meal on its own, it may not be possible to find a suitable option for the question of what goes with the juicy meatballs.
  • If you don’t want to leave the juicy meatballs, which are full of flavor, alone, olive oil recipes are for you!
  • You can choose any recipe with olive oil according to your taste, and if you say you like to try different things in the kitchen, we recommend you to try this recipe.

10) Blarney

  • One of the first recipes that will adapt to meatballs and meat dishes will of course be piyaz.
  • Usually served with appetizers before the main course in restaurants, piyaz is not only a local flavor, but also enough to whet the appetite with its different and satisfying taste.
  • If you don’t like going out for dinner; but if you want to add this recipe to your main dishes, you can easily try the piyaz recipe, which is both satisfying and delicious, by taking a very short time.

11) Barley Noodle Salad Complementing the Menu

  • If you have meatballs on the menu today, you can prepare a nice and appetizing salad with it.
  • When your salad includes both noodle and vegetables, you will have a delicious presentation with meatballs.
  • If you have not made a noodle salad before, you will have prepared a salad that whets the appetite by trying this recipe.
  • Thanks to the noodle salad and homemade meatballs, the whole family will meet at a delicious table.

12) Delicious Vegetable Spring Rice

  • You kneaded the meatballs, shaped them, and now you are in the resting phase. So, what will you serve with meatballs on the plates? Let’s prepare a spring pilaf that whets the appetite.
  • You will not be satisfied with the taste of meatballs thanks to the hearty spring rice that appeals to the eyes and stomach.
  • You can cook this pilaf frequently when you want to have a balanced and delicious diet.
  • Before frying the meatballs, you can cook the rice and let it brew.

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