Meat – Chicken Schnitzel Calories and Nutritional Information

Chicken Schnitzel Calories

Schnitzel is a kind of fried food made by pounding thinned meat or chicken. Usually, the meat that is beaten with a mallet gets a very soft consistency as the fibers in it are broken down. When you eat red meat or white meat, you think that you are eating a Turkish delight. Because both the preparation stage and the cooking method of this dish give a delicious result.

Since the schnitzel is cooked by frying, many people want to reach the calorie information of the schnitzel. We wanted to make it easier for you to reach this information and presented you the calorie values ​​of the schnitzel.

You can find the calorie and nutritional values ​​that you will get when you eat meat that has undergone frying and a kind of dressing process in these lines. When you reach the end of the page, appetizing schnitzel varieties will welcome you!

How Many Calories in Chicken – Chicken Schnitzel?

Chicken schnitzel is prepared with the tender breast of chicken meat. First, this meat is nicely softened and then dipped in frying sauce. The frying sauce consists of eggs and breadcrumbs. When consumed hot, it creates a delicious taste on the palate. Let’s take a look at the calorie values ​​of chicken schnitzel:

  • How many calories in 1 schnitzel: 285 calories
  • Schnitzel as much as 1 meatball: 82 calories

Although the calories of a piece of schnitzel to be consumed in a meal while on a diet may not seem too much to the eye, it is a food that should not be consumed by those who are on a diet, due to the amount of fat in the fried schnitzel.

Chicken – Chicken Schnitzel Nutrition Facts

1 portion of chicken schnitzel has high nutritional value. Let’s take a look at those values ​​now!

  • 10.34 grams of Carbs
  • 16.65 grams of Protein
  • 19.83 grams Fat
  • 0.51 grams of Fiber
  • 132mg of Cholesterol
  • 127.19 mg Sodium
  • 223.36mg Potassium
  • 35.83mg Calcium
  • 83.65 iu of vitamin A
  • 1.24 grams of Iron

How Many Calories in Meat Schnitzel?

Meat schnitzel is a delicious dish in which red meat is dipped in egg and sauce and fried. The calorie amount of meat schnitzel will also be quite high. Since the schnitzel in the oven will be lower in terms of calories, you can try the baking method.

  • 1 meat schnitzel: 360 calories
  • A large serving of meat schnitzel: 450 calories

Meat Schnitzel Nutrition Facts

When you choose meat schnitzel, the vitamins and minerals you will gain in your body will be as follows:

  • 13.3 grams of Carbs
  • 17 grams of Protein
  • 26.5 grams Fat
  • 1.1. grams of Fiber
  • 38mg Cholesterol
  • 687mg Sodium
  • 211mg Potassium
  • 36mg Calcium
  • 2.2 grams of Iron

Does Schnitzel Build Weight or Eat on Diet?

  • Schnitzel is an unsuitable food in diet nutrition. Frying it, dressing it with flour or bread is a complete diet escape.
  • If you want to eat schnitzel during the diet period, you should avoid consuming bread at that meal.
  • You can create a healthier plate by choosing schnitzel cooked in the oven instead of frying.
  • Schnitzels prepared by frying are also not recommended for high cholesterol patients due to their excessive saturated fat content.
  • To summarize; Schnitzel is a fatty food that causes weight gain. You should be careful!


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