How Many Calories in Şekerpare?

Calories in Şekerpare

One of the most loved details of traditional dessert cuisine; so much so that its taste rivals that of baklava, with its consistency that disperses in the mouth, Şekerpare dessert; If it is prepared with the right measurements, it can turn into a moment of complete pleasure! From iftar tables to holiday visits, from day invitations to tea hours, sugar pare, which can cause smiles on all faces, unfortunately does not bring good news in terms of its nutritional content.

Semolina, plenty of flour content and carbohydrates; oil with butter or margarine; Containing plenty of sugar with its powdered sugar and syrupy sauce in its dough, the Şekerpare dessert, which is true to its name, is a flavor that gives danger signals to those who are on a diet and should stay away from it silently.

So, how many calories are in Şekerpare, how many calories are in 1 Şekerpare, does it make you gain weight? Let’s shed light on these details that you are wondering about together.

How Many Calories in Şekerpare?

The sugar pare dessert, which is prepared by dressing the dough with semolina, white flour, butter and powdered sugar, and dressing with sherbet, gets its caloric value from its carbohydrate, sugar and fat content. Let’s share with you the calorie information of sugar pare, which we can say that it is a dessert that should definitely not be consumed by diabetics, those at risk of diabetes, and especially those who are in the process of weight control :

  • How many calories in 1 candy pare? 1 piece of sugar pare: 113 kcal
  • 1 medium portion (150 g) sugar pare: 424 kcal
  • 100 grams of sugar pare: 283 kcal

Şekerpare Nutrition Facts

Şekerpare is the kind of dessert that requires you to be careful and cautious while consuming. If you have eaten, you should definitely exercise during the day, consume plenty of water and not turn to a different food source containing sugar for the rest of the day. So, what are the data waiting for us on the Şekerpare nutritional values ​​list?

Nutritional value list for 100 grams of sugar:

  • Carbs 43 g
  • Protein 2.9 g
  • Fat 9.3 g
  • Cholesterol 20.1mg
  • Vitamin A 70.5 iu
  • potassium 38.1mg
  • Calcium 15.2mg

Does Şekerpare Make You Gain Weight or Eat It on a Diet?

  • Have you entered a process where you want to lose weight? Are you complaining about your waist and belly fat? Then you are in a period when you should definitely limit your consumption of fat and sugar.
  • Based on the figures we have just examined, sugarpare, which is not innocent at all, is among the sweets that are not recommended to be consumed in the diet with its calories and nutritional values.
  • If you succumbed to yourself and consumed sugar pare during the sweet crisis, of course, it is possible to make up for it; Eating just 1 piece of candy is not the end of the world, it does not lower morale.
  • So how do you burn calories from sugar pare? After warming up, you can burn the calories you get from 1 candy pare with a brisk walk for 20 minutes, cycling at the same time or a fast jog for 10 minutes.
  • After that, you can continue the fat burning process with plenty of water after sports and green tea, white tea or detox waters that keep the metabolism alive; It is useful to underline it again, you should take care to drink plenty of water at room temperature during the day.
  • With a method that can be applied in many diets, if you break the diet and eat one candy pare, you can continue your diet by removing one grain and oil group food from your diet list that day.



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