How Many Calories in Pastry?

Calories in Pastry

A great snack when there is no time for breakfast with its soft fluffy dough and delicious, pastry has an important place in the eating habits of Turkish society. Although it is consumed fondly for breakfast and snacks with its taste, pastry is a matter of curiosity for those who pay attention to their weight due to its calorie content.

How Many Calories in Pastry? Bun Calories by Type:

The pastry is among the favorites of pastry lovers, with many ingredients such as milk, eggs, margarine and sugar in its dough. However, those who love to consume donuts may worry about how many calories are in 1 bun or how many calories are in 1 bun. It is one of the high-calorie pastries with the ingredients it contains.

  • There are 225 calories in a medium-sized 60-gram plain pastry.
  • There are 360 ​​calories in a 90 gram plain large sized pastry.
  • There are 180 calories in 1 plain bun of 45 grams.

In addition to plain pastry, the pastry prepared by adding foods such as cheese, minced meat and olives varies in terms of calories.

How Many Calories in Homemade Pastry?

Homemade pastries are different from those sold in patisseries in terms of the ingredients they contain.

  • There are 117 calories in one medium-sized plain homemade pastry of 50 grams.
  • An average of 90 grams of large-sized homemade pastry contains 250-260 calories on average.

How Many Calories in Dill Pastry

Dill pastry with its crispy taste and fresh dill smell is one of the foods high in calories like all other types of pastry. When the calories of dill pastry are examined:

  • There are 237 calories in a 70-gram medium-sized piece of dill pastry.

How Many Calories in Cheese Pastry?

Cheddar pastry prepared with cheddar cheese in the middle has higher calories than plain pastry.

  • There are approximately 600 calories in a 90 grams cheese pastry covered with sesame.
  • It should be known that the fat rate in the cheddar cheese used in the cheddar pastry and the sesame on the pastry change the calorie. There are approximately 400 calories in a medium-sized 60-gram cheesecake.

How Many Calories in Cheese Pastry?

Cheese pastry with white cheese in the middle has a caloric value close to plain pastry.

  • 1 medium sized 60 gram cheese pastry is 235 calories.
  • There are 470 calories in 120 grams of medium portion cheese pastry. Cheese pastry is not recommended when dieting, as it has high calories, especially in medium portions.
  • There are 117 calories in a 30-gram pastry prepared as a small snack.

How Many Calories in Potato Pastry?

Potato pastry prepared with boiled potatoes and various spices contains higher calories than plain pastry.

  • There are 246 calories in a 75 gram medium potato bun.
  • Potato buns can also be prepared in small sizes as they can be consumed as snacks alongside tea. A small 50-gram potato bun contains 164 calories.

How Many Calories in Olive Pastry?

Olive pastry, in which black olives are used as a filling, is one of the high-calorie pastries. In terms of calories, it also carries the calories of olives.

  • There are 384 calories in a 100 gram large olive pastry.
  • The calorie rate in a 90 gram medium sized olive pastry is 343 calories. It should not be consumed very often in order not to gain weight, and it should be taken into account that the ratio of olives used in olive pastry changes the calorie content.
  • For those who are wondering how many calories are in a half pastry with olives, let’s say that there are 191 calories in a small 40-gram olive pastry.

Whole Wheat Pastry Types and Their Calories

Whole-wheat pastry prepared with wholemeal flour keeps you full for longer and is healthier than pastries made from white flour.

  • There are 300 calories in 1 plain wholemeal pastry of 90 grams.
  • There are varieties of wholemeal pastry prepared with different ingredients, just like white flour pastries. One 133 gram wholemeal pastry with feta cheese contains 458 calories.
  • There is an average of 330 calories in 1 90-gram potato-whole wheat pastry. Although whole wheat pastry varieties are more innocent than white flour pastry, it would be beneficial not to consume it too often in order not to gain weight.
  • Oatmeal bran pastry, which is prepared using nonfat yogurt and curd cheese and mixed with bran flour and oats, has lower calories.
  • There are 186 calories in a 140-gram medium-sized wholemeal oatmeal pastry. Oatmeal bran pastry, which is diet friendly with its low calories, can be consumed both while dieting and in normal nutrition, as long as it is not exaggerated.

Does Pastry Make You Gain Weight? Can you eat pastries on a diet?

  • Since it is a pastry made from white flour, it is one of the high-calorie foods.
  • Whether plain, with cheese or with olives, pastry contains a high amount of carbohydrates.
  • Sugar, margarine or oil added to the dough increases the calorie rate of the pastry.
  • In addition to plain pastry, the pastry enriched with cheese, olives, minced meat and cheddar, has higher calories.
  • Although it gives energy with its high carbohydrate content, it causes weight gain when consumed regularly.
  • Especially one or two pastries consumed instead of breakfast will give you a feeling of fullness quickly, but since it will make you hungry in a short time, you will feel the need to eat again before lunch, and this will cause you to gain weight more quickly.
  • As long as it is not made into a habit, there is no harm in eating pastry once in a while in a normal diet.
  • During the diet, those who love pastries may want to consume pastries. But eating donuts on a diet is quite risky. It is not recommended to be consumed while dieting as it is high in calories.
  • If you are on a long-term diet and have a getaway and ate pastry during the diet, you can continue your diet by balancing the calorie rate you take without worrying.
  • You can do sports and increase physical activities to balance the calorie rate. If you want to eat pastry during the diet, you can choose wholemeal, oatmeal and low-calorie pastries.
  • In addition, preparing donuts at home with simpler ingredients instead of buying donuts from outside allows you to get less calories.

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