Nutritional value of mushrooms

Nutritional value of mushrooms
Nutritional value of mushrooms

Nutritional value of mushrooms per 100 grams:


Per 100 g / ml Mushrooms ADH
kcal 22 1.10%
Kj 94 1.12%
Water (g) 92.43 4.62%
Protein (g) 3.09 5.52%
Carbohydrates (g) 3.28 1.26%
Sugar (g) 1.98
Fat (g) 0.34 0.49%
Saturated (g) 0.05
EPC (g) 0
MOV (g) 0.16
Omega 6 (g) 0
Omega 3 (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Fiber (g) 1 2.86%
A (mg) 0 0.00%
B1 (mg) 0.081 7.36%
B2 (mg) 0.402 26.80%
B3 (mg) 3.607 22.54%
B5 (mg) 1.497 29.94%
B6 (mg) 0.104 6.93%
B11 / Folic acid (ug) 17 5.67%
B12 (ug) 0.04 1.43%
C (mg) 2.1 2.80%
D (ug) 0.2 2.00%
E (mg) 0.01 0.10%
Vitamin K (ug) 0 0.00%
Sodium (mg) 5 0.50%
Potassium (mg) 318 9.09%
Calcium (mg) 3 0.30%
Phosphorus (mg) 86 10.75%
Iron (mg) 0.5 6.25%
Iodine (ug) 3 2.00%
Magnesium (mg) 9 3.00%
Copper (mg) 0.318 35.33%
Selenium (ug) 9.3 16.91%
Zinc (mg) 0.52 3.47%

About mushrooms
Many people eat mushrooms as a vegetable, but they are actually fungi. A fruiting body, the mushroom itself, grows from hyphae. Mushrooms are both wild and cultivated. In dark rooms, the ideal climate of the mushroom is simulated. The specimens in stores have always been grown. Many nature organizations advise against picking mushrooms in the wild. Poisonous specimens are sometimes hardly distinguishable from the edible ones.

In the world, most people like to eat mushrooms. About 2 to 3 kilos per person per year. Of all mushrooms, the mushroom is eaten the most. We are mainly familiar with the normal mushrooms with the white cap, but the chestnut mushroom and the Portobello are also included. Other popular varieties include oyster mushrooms, shiitake, porcini mushrooms and chanterelles.

Mushrooms are widely available, but other mushrooms are generally quite easy to find.

Mushrooms are often used instead of meat or fish and although mushrooms do indeed contain some protein, you cannot replace them one-to-one. Therefore, for a completely vegetable protein profile, combine mushrooms with, for example, nuts, legumes and grains.
Mushrooms are best cleaned with a brush or paper. When you wash them, they absorb a lot of water, which is at the expense of the taste and structure during baking. This makes them quite weak and the taste also deteriorates.
Mushrooms are shrinking enormously, just like many other vegetables. So buy well for a dish. Due to their earthy taste, mushrooms combine well with autumn dishes such as pumpkin dishes, pulled pork, hearty soups and ragout. Mushrooms are also delicious with a hearty meal salad or Oriental soup or wok dish. Due to the toxic substance agaritine, it is better not to eat mushrooms raw (in large quantities).

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