Turbot Fish: All You Need To Know

Turbot Fish

Turbot fish, which has many fans with its flat shape and delicious taste, is a medium-sized bottom fish that lives at a depth of about 20 to 70 meters. It has an almost round body and scaly skin. Its eyes are located on the left side of its body, with its right side lying lazily on the bottom of the sea, this cute fish can measure up to 1 meter and 20 kilograms in size and weight. The turbot fish, which has button-shaped bony protrusions on its meat, is very difficult to spot on the water surface due to its pink skin on the underside and brown on the top. Because of these colors, it can camouflage itself perfectly.

Turbot is a carnivorous bottom fish that lives on the seabed and feeds on crabs and small fish. They reach an average of 50 and 70 cm in length. Female turbots lay approximately 10-15 million eggs at a depth of 10-40 meters in the sea during the spring and summer months. Male turbot fertilize these eggs and after 7 to 9 days turbot fry hatch from these eggs. These fry live in shallow waters and feed on plankton until they reach 8-10 cm in size and begin to flatten. After five years, they can begin to mate and reproduce.

What Are the Benefits of Turbot Fish?

Turbot fish, which is one of the most expensive and scarce fish, is countless.

  • It regulates cholesterol metabolism, is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases thanks to its Omega 3 and vasodilating properties.
  • It is good for bones, besides milk and cheese, you can get calcium from fish, because it contains calcium
  • It is useful for diabetics, strengthens the weakened body
  • It reduces the risk of asthma, according to research, children who eat fish have less asthma than those who do not eat fish.
  • Children of women who eat fish have a higher intelligence level; It has been demonstrated by research that the intelligence of the children of mothers who focus on fish consumption during pregnancy is at a higher level.
  • It is effective against wrinkles; people who consume fish wrinkles later
  • Prevents prostate cancer. A diet rich in Omega 3 oils reduces the formation of tumors and metastases.
  • Eating fish gives energy and happiness; Studies have shown that depression and the amount of fish consumed are inversely related.

Turbot Fishing and Season

There is no special turbot fishing and season . “Turgeon is the only fish that can be caught almost all season long.” It wouldn’t be wrong to say. The northern side of the Bosphorus, the western side of the Black Sea, and the Sinop and Samsun regions are suitable regions for turbot fishing.

How to catch turbot?

The answer to this question can be found based on the experience of fishermen so far. Special fishing gear and special fishing techniques are needed to catch large fish such as turbot. Fishermen have discovered how to catch which fish by trial and error method and their experience of what kind of bait the fish come to. It is quite possible for an amateur fisherman to catch turbot when the necessary equipment is provided. You can easily hunt turbot fish by getting yourself a turbot team right away. Since turbot feeds on small creatures and crabs at the bottom of the sea, it would be appropriate to use horse mackerel, mullet, anchovy or fish pieces, worms, slugs and insects as turbot bait. It is very important to know which fish will eat which type of food.

How to make a turbot fish kit?

Since Kalkan is a bottom-feeding fish, a bottom fishing rod is required. With a few baited hooks, the chances of catching turbot can be doubled. You can wait by releasing the bottom fishing line at a distance of 50 meters and positioning the needle horizontally. After that, the only thing left for you is to drink your tea, coffee, socialize with your friends and just wait patiently. As shield hunting is a difficult and demanding process, you may sometimes return home empty-handed.

To prepare a turbot fishing rod, 0.30/0.40 fishing line with shackles made of black or white 5-01 numbered needles is needed. Thus, a bottom fishing line is prepared to catch turbot feeding from the bottom.

What times are turbot fished?

There is no specific time for catching turbot. You can go hunting at any time of the day.

In which month is turbot fished?

Turbot can be caught all season long. Since turbot is a difficult fish to catch, there are special turbot catching techniques. It is ensured that the fishing line reaches the bottom by attaching a few needles and fish bait to the end of a 40 meter long line and throwing it into the sea. Since Kalkan is a flat fish type, the fishing line is given a flat position at the bottom of the sea and the fish gets closer to the bait. However, in some cases, juvenile turbot fish are attached to the hook instead of adult turbot. Small turbot fish hooked onto the fishing line should not be hunted so that their offspring can continue. Therefore, when small fish come to the fishing line, they should be released back to the sea.

How to Clean Turbot Fish?

Turbot is a fish that is not only delicious but also requires effort to clean. Special turbot knives for turbot cleaning work make your job easier. It is also possible to clean it with a normal knife, but it is better to use a shield knife as it may damage the hand. Turbot can stay alive for 24 hours after being caught. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the fish is dead before proceeding with the cleaning process. First, the fins of the turbot are cut, then they are sliced ​​into slices, and finally the internal organs are removed and sorted out. It is washed with plenty of water and cooked according to desire in order to prevent blood and organs and to ensure hygiene.

Where and When to Eat?

The way of cooking turbot depends on the desire. It is possible to cook turbot by frying turbot, steaming turbot, boiling turbot, grilling turbot or baking turbot. The way of cooking depends entirely on taste.

Turbot can be eaten in any season. It is mostly found fresh in Marmara, west of the Black Sea, near Sinop and Samsun. There are periods when turbot meat is most delicious. The most delicious turbot time is from late January to mid-March.

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