Which Soup Is Good For What, What Are Its Benefits? The Healing Soups

Which Soup Is Good For What, What Are Its Benefits?

Soups are indispensable members of our food culture, delicious warm sips… Visualize the times when you sit at the table. When the service starts, isn’t it always a steaming, fragrant soup followed by a juicy meal, followed by rice or pasta? It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the food menu, regardless of meals, and soups without soup remain a bit of an orphan…

Soup varieties, which have a considerable place in Turkish food culture, are so many that there is no doubt that many of us have a very large list of favorite soups. Soup recipes, which offer the opportunity to be prepared with various ingredients in accordance with different tastes, are among the starters as the crown of our tables every season. In fact, he has become one of us so much that we named the bowls of the dinnerware, which can actually be used for different purposes, as soup bowls, and the tablespoons as soup spoons.

It is possible to come across herbs, vegetables or legumes grown in accordance with the climatic characteristics of each region, pastries reflecting the taste of that region, tarhanas, and many local soup types. In this context, we would not be wrong to say that every region of our beautiful country, which has its share of all four seasons, and even almost every province, has its own type of soup.

The “sick soups” that warm us up in the cold of winter, soften the stomach that is empty all day in Ramadan, and wake us up in the doctor’s manner in our sickbed, meet on our plates with warm healthy sips and with a refreshing taste in summer months.

“You haven’t eaten anything, at least have some soup.” “If you drink that hot soup, you’ll wake up immediately.” “Drink that soup and it will soften.” Most of us are familiar with phrases such as, right? So let’s get to the benefits of soup.

What Are the Benefits of Soup? Which Soup Is Good For What?

1) Tarhana Soup

Tarhana soup, which we all agree on, comes first among useful soups. Tarhana, which makes a difference to many soups in terms of nutritional values, is a storehouse of sodium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin A and C. Since it is made by drying, it can be revitalized by adding meat, vegetables or different materials, and can be consumed plain. It has a low glycemic index. Therefore, it can be included in the diet of patients with diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. In addition, it has probiotic properties as it is formed as a result of fermentation.

2) Chicken Soup

Chicken soup, also known as sick soup, comes to a consistency that will resurrect the dead when prepared with the broth of boiled chicken. There is probably no one to oppose this 🙂 Yes sir, chicken soup is also very useful since it is a meat-based soup. This soup, also known as the flu, is a source of sodium, potassium, and protein, and is responsible for preventing the formation of inflammatory cells. Since its fat rate is lower than red meat, it can be safely consumed by people with high cholesterol; Likewise, oil is not used while preparing such soups. It reduces the risk of heart attack and coronary heart disease. 

3) Lentil Soup

Let’s continue with the lentil soup. There is no dislike. “Fewer lentils” is one of the most important restaurant dishes. We said before, consume soup, remember to soften your heart? At this point, lentil soup regulates the work of the large intestines and prevents the risk of hemorrhoids. Lentils, which are a member of legumes, have high fiber content and have a lowering effect on blood sugar and insulin. This means that lentil soup is a blessing for diabetics. If you consume lentil soup, which is a source of sodium and potassium, your risk of developing high blood pressure diseases will decrease.

4) Broccoli Soup

There are many people who love it, and there are those who squint when they see it, but we do not give the broccoli soup its due! Broccoli soup, which is literally a storehouse of Vitamin A, both keeps your immunity strong – it’s good to say that behind every strong immune system there is broccoli soup – and acts as an antibiotic. It provides the body’s hormonal balance and is effective against common diseases such as prostate and breast cancer, unfortunately.

5) Highland Soup

Highland soup, soup from our heart, always with us, healthy soup… How do we pay for it? In the name of the power of all yogurt soups, highland soup prevents gum diseases and inflammations to a large extent -moreover, naturally- thanks to the abundant yogurt in its content. It has also been proven to remove breath odor. It eliminates the digestive system disorders that occur as a result of irregular and wrong nutrition. It meets your daily calcium needs and supports bone development and health.

6) Ezogelin Soup

Ezogelin soup is very rich in fibrous foods such as lentils, bulgur and rice. It keeps you full and provides energy all day long. It is known that it increases breast milk and is good for anemia. It reduces the rate of cholesterol in the blood and accelerates blood flow; thus preventing the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular diseases. It provides protection from diabetes.

7) Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is quite ideal in terms of caloric value. Tomatoes consumed in season are high in fiber. It is not recommended to use cream when making tomato soup, which is rich in sodium, potassium, Vitamins A and C, and folic acid, this increases the calorie rate. The fiber source tomato soup lowers blood pressure and is effective against anemia problems. It is recommended for those who control weight to consume tomatoes.

8) Tripe Soup

Tripe soup is a panacea soup that is rich in protein and fiber. Gives plenty of energy; Especially after high alcohol intake, thanks to the pepsin in its content, it relaxes the stomach and relieves the feeling of fatigue. It protects and regenerates beneficial cells. It is said to increase sexual potency. It strengthens the immune system and makes the body resistant to diseases. It helps to relieve the pain of joint and rheumatism patients.

9) Fish Soup

We say fish at least two days a week and emphasize the importance of fish consumption again. Since fish soup is a storehouse of Omega 3, consuming fish or fish soup regularly prevents the risk of heart disease and stroke. Diabetics can safely and abundantly consume fish soup. Children of women who eat fish become more intelligent; At the same time, fish is a source of happiness and energy. It prevents wrinkles on the skin. The consumption of fish fights cancer cells in the full sense and eliminates cancer risk. It prevents the signs of premature aging and Alzheimer’s.

The soups, the benefits of which we have listed above, can be prepared with vegetables suitable for the season and various legumes, as well as with fewer ingredients, you can create delicious recipes with pastries and different kinds of meat. If you pay attention to your form and control your weight, of course, it will be in your best interest to examine the nutritional values ​​of the ingredients you will use during the soup-making process.

You can also do a soup diet. You can prepare healthy and low-calorie soups without adding salt, with recipes with very low fat content, and you can support your diet with exercises by forming the basis of your meals in this way.

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