How to store pancakes

How to store pancakes
How to store pancakes

Store pancakes in the refrigerator for 4 days, in the freezer for up to 4 months. If you fry pancakes in the evening, it is best to leave the pancakes on a cold window until morning.

How to store homemade pancakes

pancakes in the refrigerator – up to 4 days Homemade pancakes can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, provided that they are covered with cling film. Then the pancakes will begin to dry and thin, resembling the taste of paper.

At room temperature – up to a day
If you forget to put the pancakes in the refrigerator, then store them at room temperature for no more than a day, and if you still have time to put them in the refrigerator at least a day later, then 3 days.

In the freezer – up to 4 months
Frozen pancakes can be stored for up to four months at a temperature of -18 degrees.

How to store pancakes until the morning?

Pancakes – a long story not for 1 hour – drags on until late in the evening. It happens that you fry more pancakes in the evening and want to relax as soon as possible, but you must definitely remove the pancakes in the cold. What to do? If it’s winter, pancakes can be put on the balcony with a covered dish with pancakes – literally in an hour the pancakes will cool down to transfer them to the refrigerator. In summer, this method is also good, but it will cope with the same task in a couple of hours. It’s great if you decide to freeze some of the pancakes – while still hot they can be laid out in containers or bags, and laid out on the table – so they cool down even at room temperature in an hour.

How to store semi-finished pancakes

At room temperature, ready-made pancakes with filling can be stored for no more than 24 hours, therefore, if you do not have a cold balcony or refrigerator, pancakes should be fried only once and eaten immediately.

Fried semi-finished pancakes with filling are stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. To do this, place the pancakes in a stack on a saucer, greasing each pancake with butter. Let them cool slightly and then cover them with cling film to keep the edges from drying out. After cooling completely, put the pancakes in the refrigerator.

The recipe is extremely important for the correct storage of pancakes. If you fried pancakes in sour milk or kefir, such pancakes are very tender and it is better not to cook them for future use. If, in addition to this, the pancakes turned out to be slightly damp, keep in mind that the eggs included in such pancakes will make them hazardous to health after a couple of days in the refrigerator. In all cases, it is best to freeze the pancakes.

If the pancakes are dry in the fridge, what should I do?

Pancakes can be reanimated if they were in the refrigerator and dried out a little. Melt the butter and brush each dry pancake and microwave it.

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