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As a result of the long closures that have entered our lives with the pandemic, our longing for the open air, green and nature has increased, but crowded places are still not as safe as before. This situation has made alternative holidays and even alternative lifestyles more attractive.

Small living spaces called caravan holidays or tiny houses, which have almost become a trend, have become the focus of attention of many people. We wanted to share information with you about this type of micro living space and seek answers to the question of how to expand narrow spaces.

How to Design Functional Small Living Spaces?

If your house is very small or if you want to have a holiday by moving your house to the places you go, we can offer you the tiny house living space. You can meet many of your basic needs such as eating, sleeping, toilet and shower in the tiny house, which is bigger than caravans and you can take it wherever you want thanks to its pull system. If you are going to move your house instead of keeping it stable, you should definitely find out beforehand whether there are suitable solutions for the tiny house needs in the place where you will park.

It is Possible to Enlarge Small Spaces with Häfele In-Wall Sliding Door Hardware

The most important issue for a caravan, tiny house and a stable micro-living space in greenery is to use the existing space as wide as possible. Developing solutions for small houses, Häfele’s in -wall sliding door hardware for such micro living spaces allows the opportunity to evaluate the space occupied by hinged doors.

These solutions, which have different types as single or double leaf, jambless, telescopic or synchronized doors, can be evaluated to separate special areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Thanks to the doors that slide into the wall, Häfele offers its users the opportunity to use the existing space comfortably, with more free space. Did you know that you can save 8 percent of space with sliding doors that slide into the wall?

Häfele Tavoletto Folding Table and Bed Hardware

Another functional solution of Häfele that saves money in tight spaces is the Tavoletto folding table and bed equipment. For those who want to enlarge small spaces such as caravans and tiny houses, Tavoletto, which blends the sleeping and working area with a professional perspective, can be used with 900 mm and 1400 mm wide beds.

This solution, which offers the opportunity to switch to the use of beds without disturbing the table layout, offers comfort of use and extra living space together.

Make Room for Guests with Häfele Sede Folding Sofa Hardware

Innovative, space-saving solutions for your sleeping and spending time in your portable home with Häfele’s original ideas! Häfele Sede folding sofa equipment offers a sofa and bed solution for small living spaces that do not need a desk, again by saving space.

Thanks to the system that opens easily, you can use the same area for the sofa during the day and the bed at night without allocating a fixed area for the bed. Or you can easily convert your sofa in the micro living spaces into a double bed for your guests. This equipment, which is suitable for use with beds with a width of 1,600 mm and made of steel skeleton, can be opened and closed easily thanks to the special gas piston.

Big Screen Pleasure in Micro Living Spaces with Häfele TV Lift System

You don’t have to compromise your enjoyment in small living spaces such as caravans and tiny houses . Although mobile devices are used as screens today, it is another pleasure to watch your favorite TV series, fascinating movies and exploratory documentaries from a big screen. So, how do you expand narrow spaces in micro living spaceswhere it is thought that there should not be too many thingsThe answer is simple: with systems that disappear when not in use!

With the TV lift system of Häfele, which offers solutions for small houses, it is possible to hide plasma and LCD screens in cabinets when not used with the electronic lift system. These systems, which have two options, 50 kg and 100 kg in carrying capacities, also have 210 degrees of manual rotation or fixed rise and fall options.

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