What is andouillette? How is it prepared?


Andouillette is a cooked charcuterie made from pork intestines, often with the addition of pork stomach and veal strawberries.

What is andouillette?

Andouillette is a form of charcuterie made from the digestive tracts of pork or veal. Other elements such as pork stomach are sometimes added. The sausage is most often cooked, but it happens that we find raw. The unique flavor of andouillette comes from the fact that spices, wine, condiments, well-dosed alcohols and herbs are added to the preparation. Incidentally, some add lard, breadcrumbs or jelly.

What is the origin of andouillette?

The noun “andouillette” enters the language in the Middle Ages, as a diminutive of “andouille”.
The andouillettes that we know today bear little resemblance to those of the past.
Formerly composed of veal and egg yolks, rolled beef with sometimes fish, it was not until 1864 that gastronomy manuals specified that Troyes sausages were made only from pork.

It is very difficult to trace the origin of andouillette, because it has evolved enormously over time, even the recipe has long fluctuated. Before the mad cow crisis, andouillette was mainly made from veal strawberries. From 1990, the veal strawberry was replaced by elements of the pig’s digestive tract. In 2015, the use of the veal strawberry was again authorized and it is gradually reappearing in the manufacture of andouillette.

The andouillette can only be bought cooked (with very rare exceptions). It is a product that you will find exclusively in France, because it is exported very little.

What is the difference between andouille and andouillette?

First of all, do not confuse andouille and andouillette even if they have two things in common. They belong to the charcuterie family and are made from pork tripe stuffed into a casing. But the similarity ends there! Because sausage is eaten cold, sliced, like a sausage, while sausage is eaten hot cooked in the oven, on the barbecue or in a frying pan.

  • First of all their size, the andouillette having a caliber and a size lower than the andouille hence the suffix “ette”
  • Then, the andouille is eaten mainly cold unlike the andouillette which is eaten rather hot


Andouillette is a preparation obtained by assembling or mixing the elements of the pig’s digestive tract, then stuffing (putting into a casing) by hand or by machine in a natural casing of the raw material.
The sometimes long cooking is done in court broth skilfully flavored with salt, spices, herbs and condiments (only ingredients and additives allowed).
Andouillettes are sold in portions 10 to 15 cm long, sometimes coated in breadcrumbs, jelly or lard.


Choose a 5 A sausage, a guarantee of quality! The Friendly Association of Authentic Andouillette Lovers (AAAAA) is a non-profit association that brings together restaurateurs and food critics. It awards a “diploma” which guarantees an authentic and quality sausage. This is the criterion of choice. As for the region, even if Troyes claims the heritage of the andouillette, many regions produce a 5 A andouillette.


The andouillette can be stored between 0 and + 4°C and must be put in the refrigerator quickly after purchase. It should be consumed fairly quickly. If the andouillette is vacuum-packed, refer to the use-by date indicated on the packaging.


The sausage must imperatively be cooked. It can be prepared grilled, pan-fried, in sauce, or even steamed. It is as delicious cold as hot, with mustard or even plain.


Hot, the andouillette can be accompanied, as a main dish, by lentils, potatoes or fries. It can also be eaten cold, cut into slices, with a salad for example.

 How is it prepared?

To cook andouillette properly, it is better to know the specifics of how it is cooked: in the pan, in the oven or on the barbecue. With our tips and tricks, you will soon know how to cook an andouillette perfectly!

Andouillette is a charcuterie very popular with the French, especially in summer when it can be cooked on the barbecue. But to successfully cook an andouillette , you need to know a few tricks or risk offering your guests a crumbled or undercooked sausage. Follow our advice to become a pro!

Choosing the right sausage

To cook an andouillette well , you must first choose it well. You can rely on the AAAAA symbol present on some andouillettes, it is awarded by the Association Amicale des Amateurs d’Andouillettes Authentiques, it is a safe bet.

As for the choice of andouillette, we recommend that you rather choose an andouillette from Troyes or one from Lyon.

Unpack raw meats with care: if the skin is damaged too much during the operation, it may leak during cooking.

How to cook an andouillette?

There are several ways to cook an andouillette:

  • Cook an andouillette on the barbecue

To do this, simply cook it for an average of 15-20 minutes.

Barbecue cooking is the most popular because it allows the andouillette to be soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and its flesh has a delicious smoky taste. Thus cooked, the andouillette will lose a lot of its fat during cooking, which makes this charcuterie more “healthy”. But be aware that this technique has a drawback: it is not easy to master, you have to adapt according to the weight of the sausage, the heat of the embers, etc.

  • Cook an andouillette in the oven

If you want to cook an andouillette in the oven, put it in a dish in the oven, at thermostat 7. The cooking time is 25 to 30 minutes in general, it depends on the size of the andouillette. Turn the meat once, halfway through cooking.

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You will obtain a tender and homogeneous flesh. On the other hand, the texture of the casing (the “skin” that covers the andouillette) can be unpleasant: it tends to become elastic, which can make it less easy to eat.

It is also possible to prepare the andouillette en papillote , wrapped in aluminum foil with a splash of white wine. You will then only have to cook it in the oven for 25-30 minutes, at thermostat 6. You will see, the flesh will be very tender!

  • Cook an andouillette in the pan

Put a little butter in the pan and cook the andouillette for 5 minutes over high heat, then about twenty minutes over low heat, turning gently from time to time. You will get good flesh with a little crispy skin.


With less than 300 calories per 100 grams of raw product, andouillette sausage is above all a charcuterie rich in protein and low in fat. These lipids are mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial to health. It is a low-calorie charcuterie specialty that does not require the addition of fat for cooking!

calories Proteins Carbohydrates Lipids
276.00 kcal 24.50g 1.00g 19.30g


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