How to store pine nuts

How to store pine nuts

Of all the common varieties of nuts, pine kernels have the shortest shelf life. You can buy them peeled, in shells, or even in cones. The latter option is not suitable for storage and is more considered a decorative option. Nuts in the cone quickly lose their taste and become unpalatable.

How to store pine nuts at home:

  • for long-term storage, pine nuts harvested in September are more suitable (during this period, the cones reach their optimum degree of maturity);
  • it is not difficult to extract nuts from cones, for this it is enough to “beat” the cone and actively shake it (it is not recommended to store nuts in cones);
  • before storage, pine nuts must be thoroughly dried (the kernels must be spread out in an even layer, and after a few days they will be ready for further storage);
  • peeled pine nuts with sugar or with the addition of syrup cannot be stored (if any additional ingredients are used, pine nut kernels must be eaten as soon as possible after their purchase);
  • only dry pine nuts can be stored (if the kernels, shells or containers themselves contain moisture residues, the nuts will quickly deteriorate);
  • oil in pine nuts contains a large amount, therefore, it is not recommended to purchase them for future use;
  • it is better to store pine nuts in containers (the presence of a lid is a prerequisite);
  • for long-term storage of pine nuts, not only cool and dark places are suitable, but also a refrigerator and a freezer;
  • you can freeze pine nuts in containers, plastic bags or foil;
  • it is impossible to store pine nuts open (especially peeled kernels);
  • during storage, pine nuts must be inspected (for the presence of plaque, mold, insects, as well as changes in taste and smell);
  • pine nuts are well preserved in glass jars (containers must first be sterilized);
  • You can only store pine nuts in their shells (peeled kernels lose their taste very quickly);
  • if pine nuts have become bitter, their aroma has acquired extraneous odors, and a plaque has appeared on the surface, then they should not be eaten.

If pine nuts were bought in a package, then they must be stored in a dark place before opening it. The shelf life will correspond to the dates indicated by the manufacturer. After opening the package, the nuts will not be stored for long. Peeled kernels take several weeks, while nuts in shells take 1-2 months maximum. Pine nuts cannot be stored in open containers. For this, it is better to use any of the indicated containers.

How long can pine nuts be stored?

The shelf life of pine nuts does not exceed 6 months. If the kernels are cleaned, then it will not work to keep them longer than 3 months. In the shell, they can be stored for 5-6 months. The storage of pine nuts in the freezer or in the refrigerator implies a similar period.

Pine nuts can deteriorate earlier than the indicated dates only under the influence of heat, moisture, sunlight or constant temperature changes. If you store the kernels open in the refrigerator, they will quickly spoil their taste characteristics, absorbing the aromas of other food products.

Even if pine nuts are stored for more than six months and retain their appearance, then it is no longer worth eating them. After three months, the kernels lose their useful qualities, and their taste becomes less intense. In addition, after several months of storage, bacteria that are invisible to the human eye can form in the nuclei. Eating them in food can lead to negative consequences and digestive disorders.

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