How to store butter

How to store butter

Store butter only in the refrigerator. This product is sold in different packages and without them, so storage rules imply adherence to a number of recommendations that can extend the shelf life.

How to store butter :

  1. the simplest and most effective way to store butter is to put it in an oiler;
  2. if there is no oiler, then it is better to store the butter in foil (butter will deteriorate faster in paper or plastic bags, and the taste may be impaired even in the absence of external signs of spoilage);
  3. butter can absorb foreign odors, so you should not store it open near cooked dishes or foods with strong odors;
  4. if the original packaging is not transparent, then there is no need to transfer the oil to special containers or wrap it in foil;
  5. butter can be stored in plastic containers (it is important to close them with a lid);
  6. you can store oil for the period indicated on the package only if it has not been opened;
  7. butter can be frozen (taste properties in this case will not change, and the shelf life will increase several times);
  8. if there is a lot of butter (for example, it was bought by weight), then you can extend its shelf life with a cloth dipped in table vinegar (it is recommended not only to wrap the product with a cloth, but also put a piece of sugar on it);
  9. a piece of sugar will extend the shelf life of the butter and retain its taste if placed in an oil can;
  10. for some time, butter can be stored at room temperature (it is important that the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and is not exposed to any sources of heat).

If there is no refrigerator?

If there is no refrigerator, then you can save butter for a long time using a simple homemade design. First, the product must be divided into several small portions, each of which must be wrapped in parchment paper. Then the workpiece should be placed in an enamel bowl and filled with brine. For 1 liter of water, in this case, you will need 20-25 g of salt. The liquid must completely cover the oil. The container must be closed with a lid, and a heavy plate or a plastic bottle of water must first be put on the butter. We need to create an imitation of the press. Such a workpiece is placed in the coolest and darkest place. The butter will stay fresh for several weeks and the paper will not absorb the salt.

How much and at what temperature to store butter

The optimum storage temperature for butter is +6 degrees. The standard shelf life will be at least three weeks. In a foil, oiler or plastic container, this period can be extended to four weeks.

When frozen, butter can be stored for 12 months. It is recommended to consume such a product in portions. If the oil is constantly defrosting and re-freezing, it can negatively affect its taste.

Shelf life of butter, depending on the packaging :

  • in paper packaging, the shelf life is maximum 10 days;
  • butter can be stored in foil for up to 20 days;
  • in containers or an oiler, the shelf life will be at least 3 weeks.

The nuances of temperature and shelf life of butter :

  • at temperatures from -5 to +5 degrees, the oil can be stored for an average of 30 days;
  • if the temperature is above +5 degrees, then the maximum shelf life of the oil will be 20 days;
  • when the temperature drops to below -5 degrees, the product can remain fresh for 12-14 months.

If during storage the butter began to turn yellow, then this nuance indicates the wrong conditions for the product. Such oil may not be spoiled, and the yellowness can be cut off with a knife. However, after such a factor, the storage conditions and temperature conditions should be changed.

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