6 Tips for Understanding Organic Eggs

6 Tips for Understanding Organic Eggs

It is recommended to consume eggs every morning for a healthy body and a strong immune system. If you take care to eat the egg that you will cook according to your taste every morning; you will start the day fresh and you will do a favor for your body.

Egg consumption is very important for infants transitioning to solid food and adults without allergies. You should eat eggs in order for the brain cells to function properly, for the muscle and nervous system to be under control, and for an energetic body to be formed. One of the egg types you will prefer will be organic eggs.

For those wondering the difference between eggs bought from the farmer and packaged eggs bought from the markets, we have gathered various information in this article. If there are those who say how to understand that eggs are organic, they should definitely read this article to the end. Because the difference between organic eggs and normal eggs is in these lines.

What is Organic Egg?

  • In an organic egg production phase, emphasis is placed on animal health, land management, and the reduction of unnecessary chemicals. Eggs from chickens raised under the conditions set by the National Organic Program are referred to as organic eggs.
  • Organic eggs are healthy eggs from healthy chickens. Chickens are fed without using any chemical feed, and there are no chemical and artificial elements in the areas where they are found.
  • Hens are fed completely naturally and lay eggs without stress.
  • Chickens laying organic eggs are not given any preventive drugs or antibiotics.
  • Since chickens laying organic eggs do not grow in narrow and crowded coops; stress hormone is not secreted in these animals.
  • Organic eggs, which are the beneficial eggs of happy chickens, are consumed by many people.
  • If you want to eat an organic egg; The feed and grass of the chickens laying these eggs must be natural. For this, it is recommended to obtain from manufacturers you trust.
  • Chicken farms and coops established in places far from the industrial environment are the address of organic eggs.
  • Thanks to organic egg farming, which has become widespread in our country in recent years, you can find many organic egg sources in locations far from the city center.

How to Tell Organic Eggs?

There are some features that distinguish organic eggs from other eggs. If you know these features very well; You can understand whether the egg that enters your home is organic or not.

Here are the signs of organic eggs:

To test organic eggs, you must first examine the egg package you receive. If there is a “Republic of Turkey Organic Agriculture” stamp on the package, it indicates that the egg is organic. National stamps such as IMO or Ecocert are also stamps that distinguish organic eggs. Such certificates prove that the egg is organic.

The yolk and size of the egg also determine whether it is organic or not. So, what color is organic egg yolk?

  • Thanks to the answer to this question, you can distinguish the eggs. Because the yolk of organic eggs is quite dark compared to other eggs.
  • When the egg is boiled, the yellow part appears smaller than the white part. But don’t let this size fool you. All the existing nutritional value is gathered in the tiny yellow part and flux.
  • If you have examined the yellow part of the egg and you see a place close to orange; This is a sign that it is organic.
  • The common egg shape, known as fabrication, is often very close together. However, there is a noticeable difference in shape between organic eggs.
  • Organic eggs may contain chicken droppings from time to time. This look is a sign of being natural.

What is the Organic Egg Code?

Eggs are coded by rearing type. Organic egg code is also in the list we will give now.

  • Code 0: Organic farming
  • Code 1: Access to open circulation aquaculture
  • Code 2: Cage-free rearing in the henhouse
  • Code 3: Cage aquaculture

What is the Difference Between Organic Eggs and Free-Run Eggs?

Among the egg types on the market, there is also an egg type that makes its name heard frequently. Wandering chicken egg. It should be noted that organic eggs are not the same as wandering chicken eggs. You can see the difference between them in our list.

  • The hens that lay the roaming chicken eggs are the chickens that can roam freely in a large area.
  • Roaming chickens are happy chickens because they do not grow in a restricted area. The smell and effect of various herbs can occur in their eggs.
  • A certain number of chickens for organic eggs are raised in special areas. Wandering chickens are chickens that roam freely in areas such as villages and highlands.
  • Both types of eggs are rich in nutritional value. However, the criteria of the areas where it grows affect its organicity.
  • A chicken egg raised in an industrial area and very close to the city center may not be organic. Because there are artificial factors that affect the structure of the egg.

What are the Benefits of Organic Eggs?

Egg consumption provides serious benefits for human health. Organic egg benefits also protect human health. When you consume organic eggs, the positive changes that will occur in your body will be as follows:

  • Organic eggs do not contain GMOs. These eggs contain completely natural ingredients.
  • It is very effective in strengthening the immune system. Recommended for childhood muscle and mind development.
  • It is nourishing. A person who consumes organic eggs for breakfast stays full for a long time.
  • It is more delicious. The taste of organic eggs has a more delicious aroma compared to other eggs. It smells like eggs when cooked.
  • It protects the body against cancer. These eggs have a high power to fight free radicals that try to enter the body.
  • Protects gut health. It prevents intestinal problems such as constipation.
  • Organic eggs do not contain any chemicals. Insecticides are not used in chickens’ areas.
  • They do not eat chemical bait. Thus, no chemical substance enters your body.

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