How to Sort and Store Red Kidney Beans?

How to Sort and Store Red Kidney Beans

When the red bean sorting season comes; Almost in late spring and early summer, many people start to stock up on kidney beans. Red bean, which has an important and delicious place in winter preparations, is consumed fondly in many homes, both in salads and in foodWe have prepared an article that will come to the rescue of those who want to buy fresh red kidney beans and sort them. This article makes it very easy for winter preparations!

Those who hear the benefits of red kidney beans, start to reserve a nice place in their deep freezer. Don’t forget to add kidney beans to the list of hot tastes that will warm you up on cold days. Those who say how to extract kidney beans will clean the kidney beans in the easiest way and in a short time when they read this article.

We wanted to bring some comfort by answering the rushes in the kitchen on how to clean red kidney beans, and we also added some tips on how to store kidney beans for those who care about vegetable consumption.

Now it’s time to sort the kidney beans together!

How to Sort Kidney Beans in 4 Easy Steps with Pictures

Step 1

  • The first step in removing the fresh red kidney beans you buy in season is to open the shells of the kidney beans.
  • These shells are the structures that protect and grow the kidney beans for days. What you really need is hidden inside these shells.
  • You can make a small cut on either end to open the shell.
  • The kidney bean shell, which you can open using your hand, has a very soft structure. You can also move on to the other process by cutting off the end that does not require much power.
  • Since the veins holding the shells of some kidney beans may be very thick, you can continue the sorting process by removing these veins depending on the type of kidney bean.

Step 2

  • You also need to completely open the veins that combine the kidney beans. That’s why we’re going to suggest you go down the cut you just made.
  • If you slide your finger from the slightly open part to the closed end, you will open the shell completely.
  • During sorting, it would be correct to divide the shells into two as right and left.
  • Kidney beans, whose shells you have opened, are ready for another process! Now let’s move on to the next stage!

Step 3

  • You have successfully opened the shells that protect the kidney beans. Congratulations! Now your next step will be to separate the kidney beans from the shell.
  • You will never get tired during this process because; grains will fall out of the shell with a touch.
  • You can continue to separate the grains on a deep bowl.
  • Some grains may be strongly attached to the bark from their roots, in this case you can separate them by hand.
  • The shells that remain in your hands after separating the grains are not of the kind that will be of use to you. You can throw away the shells.

Step 4

  • You separated the kidney beans from their shells and collected the grains. You can wash the kidney beans for consumption now or to save for later.
  • You can use tap water while washing. Those who say, “Wouldn’t it be better to wash it with hot water,” can use hot water if they are going to consume red beans during the day.
  • If you want to wash it for storage in the deep freezer; Washing it with cold water will preserve the life of the kidney beans.

How to Store Kidney Beans in the Freezer?

It is used to consume products such as deep-freezing vegetables and meat for a longer period of time. Kidney beans, which are frequently found in late spring and early summer, can be thrown into the freezer and stored for a maximum of 10 months . We can list what you need to know about storing kidney beans in the deep freezer . If you keep it as we recommend, you can keep it as fresh as the first day for months!

  • After cleaning the kidney beans, take the first step by washing it well.
  • Throw the washed kidney beans into the strainer and drain the water well.
  • Prepare your freezer bags so that the label will stick on them. Because it is healthy to consume kidney beans within 10 months.
  • You should not leave a bag of kidney beans in the freezer for more than 1 year. It will lose its nutritional value.
  • You can add the kidney beans, whose water is well drained, to the bags in any amount you want.
  • If you pack different amounts for salads and meals, you will make your job a little easier.
  • It is recommended to take the air out of the red kidney beans added to the freezer bag.
  • After you get the air in the bag, it can take its place in your deep freezer! Take it out of the freezer at any time and support your body’s vitamin needs!

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