How to Store Okra?


Okra, which takes its place in abundance on the market stalls when the summer season comes, is a complete source of folic acid. This vegetable, which is consumed by many people, is one of the most delicious measures to be taken against winter diseases. Okra, which is a frequent guest in the houses during the summer days, is kept for consumption in the winterYou have to be very sensitive when storing it. Therefore, now we will present you the most detailed answers to the question of how to extract okra.

We have researched methods that will help those who say how to clean okra easily and save time, and we have compiled them on this page for you. We have also listed tricks for those who want to store okra in the refrigerator and freezer for a long time. We tried to explain this vegetable, which has the feature of salivation, in the most descriptive terms. How to extract okra, which is one of the most frequently asked questions, is in these lines with its illustrated explanation!

Those who say how to clean small and large okra without looking at its size, start reading our article immediately. Those who will make their preparations for winter before the end of summer, hurry up, this article will be very useful for you!

First of all: Okra is Selected

  • The finest detail of the question of how to clean fresh or dry okra is actually the type of okra.
  • It is recommended that the dried okras or those bought from the market should not be too large.
  • Since large okras are now in the seed stage, smaller okras should be purchased.
  • The flavor of okra that grows too large may not be in its full consistency; for this reason, you can proceed to the cleaning process by selecting medium-small size okra.

In 4 Steps With Pictures: How To Clean Okra Easily At Home?

Step 1

Take the okra between your thumb and forefinger and the fruit knife in your other hand and make a half incision from the long head of the okra, slightly sloping down.

Step 2

Turn the knife in a circular shape from the head of the okra to the light-colored part that goes down. In the meantime, you can gain momentum by turning the okra with the inside of your thumb.

Step 3

Rotate the blade around the head of the okra and go all the way around, making a funnel-shaped cut. Be careful not to make the cut too deep.

Step 4

Separate the piece you cut by drawing a circle to another place, and you can collect the clean okra in a container. When you peel off the slightly prickly, light-colored top bark, you will have a pointed cone shape as in the image.

How to Store Okra without salivating?

Okra has a salivation feature in its structure and the salivating okra dish does not give flavor. So, how to prevent okra salivation?

  • After washing the okra and separating the stems, you should keep them in water.
  • You should also add a few slices of lemon to the holding water.
  • Added lemon will destroy the saliva feature of okra.
  • You can use it by straining the water for consumption or storage.

Congratulations! Operation OK

  • You washed the okra well, you prevented it from salivating, you are amazing!
  • If the okras are of medium size, you can use them by chopping them into rings.
  • It is not recommended to chop very small okra.
  • You can shape this step completely according to your taste.

How to Store Winter Okra in the Freezer?

Do you include okra in your winter meal preparations? If you do, we would like to congratulate you because okra is an immune-friendly! It will take on the task of protecting your body all winter with its vitamins and minerals. You can follow these steps to store okra in the deep freezer throughout the winter!

  • It is recommended to boil the cleaned okra first.
  • Add salt, sugar and lemon to the boiling water.
  • The washed okra is thrown into the boiling water and allowed to stay within 5 minutes at the most.
  • Afterwards, all the okra is taken into a strainer and waited for cooling.
  • While the okras are cooling; refrigerator bags are prepared and 1 tomato is chopped for each bag.
  • After the cold okra is put into a bag, it is tied tightly by throwing tomatoes on it.
  • Ready-made bags are sent to the deep freezer for later consumption!

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