How to Plant and Grow Lettuce at Home?

How to Plant and Grow Lettuce at Home

You can easily grow lettuce, which is rich in vitamins A, K, B1, and B12, in pots at home. Although lettuce is among the summer crops, it can be grown in all seasons with greenhouse cultivation.

In the lettuce planting process, sowing is done from the seed. The type known as curly lettuce is the most preferred lettuce. What season does lettuce grow? How fast does lettuce grow? You can find the answers to these questions from our sub-headings below!

When is lettuce planted, in what season is it grown?

  • Lettuce seeds are usually planted in spring, autumn and summer.
  • Seed quality and sowing in lettuce seeds; important for the efficiency of the harvest.

How to Plant Lettuce Seeds?

  • In order to plant lettuce seeds, first, the soil should be aerated and fertilized, and the soil to be planted should be moistened before seeding.
  • In the sowing process, seeds are poured into the soil.
  • Very little soil is placed on the seed and water is added to it.
  • Lettuce develops transversely and longitudinally. In the greenhouse cultivation process, it is important to pay attention to dilution and irrigation by making room for planting from seed.
  • In addition to this, an extra fertilization process can be included in the maintenance of the greenhouse, especially for the winter months, so that the development is healthier and the plant is more palatable.
  • When you plant lettuce, if you are going to germinate the seeds in an open field, work the soil. Place lettuce seeds in the cultivated soil and cover with 1 cm of finely sifted soil.
  • Cover the soil surface with transparent nylon.
  • Moisten the soil regularly.
  • Germination will be estimated in 8-12 days.
  • It is very important that the soil is not dry or too wet when planting lettuce. These situations should not be forgotten.
  • In the first days, the seeds should not be caught by ants, they should be dealt with on time, and the seedlings in the seed pans should not be dehydrated.
  • Choose cool, windless weather for planting your lettuce seedlings.
  • Prefer the plantings in the north-south direction so that the lettuce seedlings benefit from more sunlight.
  • Irrigation is the most important thing in lettuce cultivation. Too little watering causes lettuce to be bitter, while too much watering causes rot.

How to Grow Lettuce at Home?

Lettuce cultivation can be done easily at home on the balcony and in the garden. Lettuce is a plant that likes a cool and sunless environment.

In summer, you can put it in light shade, other times in the sun. If the soil you will use is fertile, lettuce will grow faster.

  • First of all, the soil is added into the pot so that there is 8 cm of space on it.
  • After the soil is leveled by hand, lettuce seeds are planted on the soil intermittently.
  • Soil is added again at a height of 2-3 cm to cover the seeds on the sown seeds.
  • After planting lettuce seeds, the soil is watered so that it is moist and placed in a cool place that does not get too much sun.
  • The sown seeds will start to germinate within 1 week.
  • Lettuce is a water-loving plant. For this reason, it should always be watered after the soil absorbs its moisture before it dries.

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