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Flowers are indispensable for peaceful homes… They are mothers’ confidants, their most docile friends. Whoever comes to him listens to him silently, and keeps a little confidant in his own way. It’s very delicate. It takes care, demands attention. Like a child, she also wants to see motherly affection. Well, mothers always keep an eye on them. This is how flowers have become the most delicate and elegant member of our family.

Flowers are an element that definitely adds color to the room in the living room or kitchen. Sometimes it gives morale to tired bodies during patient visits, and sometimes it is an elegant memory on the most special days. But the most comfortable place has been our homes. When you enter the room with its various names, colorful flowers and even decorative stylish pots, the first detail that catches your eye is the decoration of the houses.

Awaiting care and attention like a child, potted houseplants come to life in warm nests that pay attention to them. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the biological factors are affected by the seasons.

We have prepared an article that refreshes you and creates a feeling of garden and fresh air as you read. House plants that make the air of your home happy should not be missing from your rooms. Let small house plants color your library and kitchens. We wish you peaceful days in your homes with plenty of oxygen and fresh breath.

What Are the Names of Houseplants Found in Every Home?

Although the names of houseplants that color our house are described by mothers, we would like to point out that all of them have an identity in terms of terms. Yes, some flowers wander from room to room with names such as the flower of the mother’s eye, the evil eye bead, the lamb, the only cub. Let’s see what are the names of these house plants that adorn your halls?

Skulent, which is very valuable in terms of cosmetics and dermatology, is especially known for its healing for skin diseases. Green glowing Anthurium, on the other hand, is a type of living houseplant that is frequently preferred because it is a full flower. Asparagus is a houseplant that is as sympathetic as its name, which is among the thorny houseplants and requires a lot of water. Moreover, it can survive even on the balcony.

Kaladyum, a type of indoor plant that cheers up the rooms with its colorful structure, stands out among the decorative houseplants that require special attention by asking for a pot change every year. Basil, on the other hand, is the most adorable and ideal among fragrant houseplants that will always be with you.

The most preferred indoor plants do not end with these examples. Many species such as wall ivy, poinsettia, beautiful leaves, corn plant, croton, diphenbahya, ekeveria adorn the beautiful corners of many houses.

What are the Most Preferred House Plants?

When you visit the greenhouses filled with flowers, you meet a wide variety of plants.

  • cactus plants
  • Evergreen plants
  • flowering plants
  • miniature decorative plants
  • Plants for the home, including thorny plants, are produced in those greenhouses.

How to Care for House Plants? What are the tricks?

You know that growing plants at home is not an easy hobby. After you put the flower in the pot, if you just leave it uninterested and dehydrated, it will turn off after a while and wither.

Request; The first thing you need to know about houseplants and their care is interest.

If the necessary amount of heat, light and moisture for your houseplant is not provided, the life of the plant will be very short and at the end of these careless days, you will only have an empty flower pot. If you want to have a long-lasting plant in general, north-facing glass sides are the ideal place for pots. You need to keep the plants at a certain temperature during the growing period. In cold weather, medium temperature will be ideal for them. You should choose the humidity rate according to the leaf size of the plant. In general, thin-leaved plants require intense moisture, it is useful to know this.

You may need some apparatus for a professional home growing environment. These apparatuses; It will make you more comfortable while doing maintenance and will allow you to do your job with pleasure. Well,  if you are asking what are the plant growing materials at home, what do you need, here is our answer that will eliminate your worries: Pot and pot plate suitable for your taste, long and narrow watering can, moisturizing spray, any of the fertilizer types, a stick or tie to support the plant, scissors, We can say that insecticide spray is the embodiment of the question of how to care for houseplants 🙂 You can also obtain these materials from places that sell home and decoration materials and from florists.

Just as blood is important to us, water is a serious need for plants. An irrigation method that reduces the life of plants; top irrigation is actually a wrong practice. The roots of the plant, which receives water from the top, are in danger of rotting. Root irrigation is the ideal method. If water has accumulated on the pot plate, pouring this water will make your flower healthier. Repotting in spring every year will be the best time for flowers.

If you have observed small moth-like insects on your plant, prepare some warm, soapy water. Dip your plant in this water a couple of times, remove and rinse. You will see that the insects have disappeared and will never come again. If you see traces of cotton on the leaves, we recommend that you clean these leaves with a cloth dipped in spirit. Applying specially produced spray drugs to plants with ongoing infestation problems will provide a more permanent solution. We recommend that you separate the dead and drying leaves from the live plant.

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