8 Healthy Ways to Lower Bilirubin Levels

8 Healthy Ways to Lower Bilirubin Levels

In order to observe the health status, you need to have a complete blood count from time to time. In blood tests, conditions that pose a risk to your body are detected. These assays are of critical importance to prevent possible diseases. The bilirubin value is also requested in the blood test results.

If the bilirubin is high, it will be a sign of some diseases. Bilirubin elevation is a treatable condition and when diagnosed early, health status is improved. Now, let’s learn what high bilirubin is and how to treat high bilirubin.

What is Bilirubin?

  • Bilirubin is a substance that occurs during the breakdown of red blood cells.
  • Its color is in a tone between orange and yellow.
  • Bilirubin in the blood is produced in the liver.
  • Bilirubin is elevated in some cases. This is a sign that there will be a health problem.

What is Bilirubin Height?

  • When you give a blood test, sometimes the total bilirubin level is detected. These high values ​​indicate impaired liver function.
  • Bilirubin values, which are considered ideal by experts. Conjugated (direct) bilirubin level: between 0 and 0.3 mg/dL.
  • Total bilirubin level: It is between 0.3 and 1.9 mg/dL.
  • Bilirubin observed above these figures requires physician monitoring.
  • If the bilirubin level is high as a result of the tests performed to control liver health, the possibility of a problem in the gallbladder is discussed.
  • Bilirubin elevation usually occurs in jaundice. The bilirubin level is observed to be high in newborn babies and those with gallbladder inflammation.

8 Healthy Ways to Lower Bilirubin Levels

1) Turmeric Yogurt

  • For those who say what is good for high bilirubin, turmeric yogurt is recommended in its easiest form.
  • Turmeric is a spice with an antibiotic effect and when consumed with yogurt, it cleans excess bilirubin from the blood.

2) Barley Juice

  • Barley juice is a herbal supplement that treats high bilirubin thanks to its antioxidant properties.
  • In case of jaundice or gallbladder inflammation, you can consume barley water by consulting your doctor. It will balance the bilirubin level and reach healthy numbers.

3) Parsley

  • Parsley is a diuretic herb. It cleans the blood by providing frequent urine output at a high level of bilirubin.
  • You can consume parsley in any form. Parsley juice, parsley salad, or when consumed raw will be good for bilirubin elevation.

4) Artichoke

  • Artichoke is a liver-friendly vegetable. It has the task of helping the liver function optimally.
  • If the bilirubin value is high as a result of the blood test, do not be late to consume the artichoke. Artichoke cleanses the liver and lowers bilirubin in the blood.

5) Celery

  • Just like artichokes, celery has the task of healing the liver. In this respect, it reduces the rising bilirubin in the blood to healthy values.
  • By consuming celery frequently, you can prevent bilirubin levels from rising. It will help the liver get rid of bilirubin.

6) dandelion

  • Dandelion activates the urinary tract and supports the excretion of bilirubin from the blood.
  • If you are in a process such as jaundice and gallbladder diseases, it is recommended to consume dandelion as tea.

7) Mallow

  • Hibiscus will treat high bilirubin when consumed as food. Thanks to this plant, which is prepared in salads and meals in many regions of Turkey, jaundice is prevented.
  • You can consume hibiscus in moderation to reduce the rising bilirubin value in the blood.

8) Lots of Water

  • Bilirubin is an elevated value in the blood. To reduce this value, the blood must be cleaned.
  • The most effective substance that cleans the blood is water. You can purify your body by drinking plenty of water.
  • Do not neglect to drink water during the day in order to heal jaundice and liver diseases as soon as possible and to lower the bilirubin value.
  • You can reduce the bilirubin value to the ideal level by regularly using the medicines given by your doctor and drinking water.

What Are the Causes of High Bilirubin?

  • have Gilbert’s disease
  • Experiencing liver dysfunction
  • Occurrence of cholecystitis (gallbladder infection)
  • Use and side effects of some antibiotics
  • It occurs as a side effect of birth control pills.
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Blockages and diseases in the bile ducts
  • Pancreatic pathologies and functional disorders
  • Various jaundice diseases
  • Hemolytic Anemia

How to Treat High Bilirubin? Which Doctor Looks?

In case the bilirubin level rises, the General Surgery department will guide and treat you in the best way. The treatment method to be applied according to the criteria of the patients will be as follows.

  • Bilirubin levels may be elevated in newborn babies. As a result of this situation, newborn jaundice occurs in the baby. The most effective way to cure jaundice is for the baby to take breast milk. If the baby is born prematurely or is in intensive care, a tape is taken to prevent damage to his eyes and he receives treatment with phototherapy light. Thanks to the blue light, the bilirubin level in the blood drops, and the baby get rid of jaundice. The intensity of the light is adjusted under the supervision of a doctor and the baby is kept under treatment until he recovers.
  • For the treatment of increased bilirubin value in adults, drugs are tried first. If the drugs do not work, stones and sludge in the gallbladder should be cleaned. Thanks to the operation performed under the guidance of a general surgeon, the bilirubin value decreases and the patient regain his former health in a short time.
  • If you wish to look at which doctors bilirubin elevation Internal if you wish General Surgery can refer to the section.

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