How to Make Iced Tea

iced tea
iced tea

Making your own iced tea is about the easiest kitchen secret ever, and it’s even better. In this blog, we will tell you how to make iced tea at home.

Whether you’re having a summer picnic, organizing a barbecue, or just needing a drink on a drizzly day that at least reminds you a bit of decent summer weather, iced tea is a big favorite with many people. The disadvantage? You guessed it: it is certainly not healthy.

Ice tea from the supermarket usually contains far too many sugars, not to mention artificial colors and flavors. Fortunately, making your own iced tea is about the easiest kitchen secret ever, and it’s even better. We’ll tell you all about it in today’s blog!

Benefits of tea

The great thing about iced tea is that, if homemade, it is not only refreshing but even really healthy. Tea reduces the risk of all kinds of nasty diseases and disorders! Research shows, for example, that tea leaves are less likely to have cardiovascular disease and are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

In addition, the antioxidants in tea prevent and heal chronic inflammation in the body. It is not yet entirely clear what this will have in the long term, but if you drink a daily portion of healthy iced tea, it can only make it healthier.

Make your own iced tea

But how does that work, make your own iced tea? It’s a whole lot easier than most people think. Bring water to the boil and let it cool a little first. Brew your favorite tea with about 5 grams of loose leaves or two bags per liter and let it steep for a few minutes.

Add a good splash of honey if you like it sweet. Finally, stir any other ingredients into the tea, such as fruit or herbs. Then let it cool down and serve with ice cubes!

Cold-brew iced tea

If you have a little more patience and want to try something different, you can also opt for cold brew iced tea. You do not have to boil the water for your drink first. Simply use cold water, add your favorite tea and possibly honey, and chill. Spending a night in the fridge ensures that the tea flavor subtly absorbs into the water.

If you want to make iced tea yourself in this way, you do not have to add further ingredients immediately. You only do this the next morning, when you have already taken the tea out of the fridge and are about to serve it!

Vary with tea

The advantage of making your own iced tea is of course not only that it is healthier, but also that you can vary endlessly. Do you love the bitter, stronger taste of black tea? Then you use it. Prefer something fresher and lighter? Then green or white tea is more for you. But you can go even further – how about other herbs, such as mint, chamomile or rooibos? Or fruit tea, for example with mango, forest fruits or lemon?

Another nice variation you can make: ginger tea. Ginger really has unprecedented health benefits and fortunately making ginger tea is very easy. All you need is a small ginger cube (about a thumb size) and boiling water. Just let it withdraw and you’re done! You may have to experiment a bit with the strength of the different teas, but then the tastiest combinations are possible.

Vary with fruits and spices

Even if you prefer to stick with the regular green tea, there is still plenty to try. For example, you can add all kinds of fruit to the iced tea for an extra deep and sweet taste. Lemon and lime are often mentioned options; they make the drink extra fresh and summery. However, much more is possible!

How about sweeter citrus fruits, such as orange and tangerine? Or do something completely different and add forest fruits, pieces of mango or strawberry bees to the iced tea. Finally, spices such as lemongrass and ginger can provide an extra deep flavor. For example, making your own iced tea is a great adventure every time!


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