What is Silverfish?

What is Silverfish

The silverfish is a type of fish that lives in warm seas. It is thought that with the opening of the Suez Canal, it spread to the Mediterranean and from there to other seas. The coasts of Spain, Portugal and Morocco are common places for silverfish.

Silverfish are also commonly found in our country. It is seen in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, especially in the Marmara region. It is found in fresh waters as well as in the seas. It is found in Sapanca and Iznik Lakes.

What is Silverfish?

Silverfish is a yellowish and ash colored fish, 14 – 15 cm long. It has shiny scales that turn into a silvery line on its neck. What is another name for silverfish? Another name for silverfish is Atherina. Silverfish are easy to catch because they swim closer to the surface. Contrary to popular belief, its meat is quite delicious. Silverfish enter the spawning period in March and April. It is a slender fish with large eyes.

It usually feeds on small creatures, fish eggs and plankton. Since silverfish meat is delicious, it can be consumed with the appropriate cooking method (mostly by stir-frying), it can be used as ornamental fish or it can be used as bait for other fish (such as silverfish and carp).

Like real silverfish, silicon silverfish or fake silverfish can be used to catch other fish. Small silverfish and those that live in fresh water are preferred as ornamental fish, and silverfish can be fed in the aquarium. Silverfish should not be confused with the silverfish beetle.

How to Catch a Silverfish?

Silverfish is a fish that can be easily caught by amateur fishermen because it is abundant in our country and moves close to the surface. What are the silverfish catching techniques? Silverfish fishing can be done with a fishing line or net.

Silverfish fishing gear consists of hooks, fishing line, rod and weights. When catching with a fishing line, very thin fishing line and silverfish hook should be used for the silverfish fishing line. Since this fish species is close to the surface, it can be caught with 7-9 meters long rods and without the need for machinery. 6, 8 or 10 size line and 5 or 10 gram lead weights can be used when catching silverfish.

Shrimp or mussel can be used as silverfish bait , as well as silverfish anchor and silverfish rapala . Apart from fishing with fishing line, it can also be caught by throwing a net in a region close to the shore.

The net required for catching silverfish is called silverfish net or silverfish sprinkler and can be easily obtained from hunting dealers. Silverfish net prices vary according to the size of the net to be purchased.

There are various methods of catching live silverfish to be used as ornaments, such as catching in a basket. The important thing in these methods is to keep the fish alive. For this reason, it is necessary to put the fish in a bag full of water immediately after catching and empty it into a large aquarium without wasting time.

How to Make Silverfish?

The point to be considered while preparing fish is to choose and buy the fish that is in season. Fish consumed in season is both tastier and more beneficial for health. The most consumed period of silverfish is mid-summer and early autumn. It is an oily fish, but since it contains less gelatin than other fish, it is not suitable for boiling, it can tire the stomach. It is usually prepared by frying in a pan instead of boiling.

Corn flour or regular flour can be preferred when frying silverfish . Silverfish can also be made in the oven. Baked silverfish is lighter and can be cooked with additional ingredients such as garlic, onions, arugula. Silverfish can be served with arugula salad followed by halva.

Silverfish can be frozen for later consumption. It is recommended to salt the silverfish in a small amount before freezing. Unlike other fish, this fish does not need to be cleaned before freezing, even it is recommended to be frozen before being cleaned.

The point to be considered when freezing silverfish is that it should not be frozen again after thawing, as in all other meat varieties. If not frozen, it should be kept in the refrigerator. It can stay at room temperature for a while in winter, but it is not suitable to be kept outside, especially in summer.

Where to Buy Silverfish?

Silverfish can be purchased from many fishermen. At the same time, many restaurants also serve silverfish . The point to be considered when purchasing silverfish and other fish is that the fish is fresh.

The most important factor that determines the flavor of the fish is the freshness of the fish. Fish that have been in the heat for a long time and stale fish can poison people. Whether the fish is fresh or not can be understood by looking at the fish. The gills of the fresh fish are red, the eyes are bright and the skin is tense.

What Are the Benefits of Silverfish?

  • Fish is very useful for the human body and should be eaten at least twice a week. Fish is a food that should be eaten by everyone. However, especially the elderly, children and pregnant women should pay attention to fish consumption. Fish helps in the treatment of many diseases from osteoporosis to Alzheimer’s disease. It is also necessary for the brain development of children.
  • Silverfish is also a very useful fish for health and can be safely consumed as long as it is fresh and in season. Silverfish:
  • It contains high levels of Omega 3, a fatty acid that cannot be produced by the human body.
  • It supports the development of intelligence in children with the iodine it contains. Therefore, it should be consumed abundantly by children and pregnant women.
  • It strengthens the immune system thanks to its fatty acids.
  • It is a store of calcium and strengthens bones. For this reason, it should be consumed in abundance in order to prevent bone resorption.
  • It is very rich in protein.
  • It contains high amount of phosphorus.
  • It is rich in vitamins A, B and D.

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