How to Make Pestil at Home? Recipe with 8 Different Fruits

How to Make Pestil at Home

If you find it difficult to find a snack that is fun to eat, delicious and has high nutritional value, then you have not met with fruit pulp yet. Pistilswhich can be prepared with different fruits, are still made intensively in many regions of Anatolia.

The paper-like texture of the fruit pulp, which carries the flavor and nutritive properties of fruits, will add innovation to your eating habits. Fruit pulp can be an ideal start for your children to meet local and natural foods. By making a variety of fruit pulp at home, you can make consuming fruit enjoyable and delicious. Fruit pulp recipes prepared with different fruits will be among the snacks that will be a source of energy, especially in the winter months. Pistils: It can be obtained from many fruits such as mulberry, apricot, grape, fig and plum.

To answer the question of what pestil means, it can be said that it is a traditional snack made with the extracts of fruits passed through stages such as crushing and boiling. It has long and laborious processes such as making fruit pulp, cooking and removing the pulp. The drying stage is also among the important parts of fruit pulp preparation.

What is Pestil?

  • Pestil is made from the extracts of fruits, which are extracted by separating the seeds and pulp.
  • This mixture, whose consistency is increased with starch-like additives, is cooked thoroughly.
  • Dried nuts such as hazelnuts or walnuts can also be added to the products that are made into phyllo and dried .
  • With the addition of different ingredients, different flavors such as honey fruit pulp can be achieved.
  • Pestil ingredients can vary according to taste.
  • Fruit pulp, which can be served with interesting desserts, has a high nutritional value.
  • Products that have all organic materials used from the first moment in the production process can be sold in many places as organic fruit pulp.
  • Prepared with foods containing natural sugar, fruit pulp is a food that dieters love to consume.
  • Fruit pulps accompanying coffee and herbal tea at snacks help to meet the energy you need during the day.
  • Thanks to the fruit pulps consumed in moderation, the need for vitamins and minerals is also met.
  • It will be a healthy choice for snacks to be made in the office or home environment.

How Is Pestil Made?

  • As an answer to the question of what pestil is made of, fruit varieties can be given as an example.
  • Although the main ingredient is fruit, starch, sugar and water are also added during cooking.
  • If we ask how the pestil is made, we get recipes that show slight changes for each fruit.
  • In general, the juice of the fruit is cleared of pulp and seeds, and it starts to work.
  • To the mixture prepared with the help of methods such as heating or crushing; additions are made and then cooked for a while.
  • Finally, the drying process is carried out.

How to Dry Pestil?

  • Minor production differences may occur depending on the type of fruit in the pre-drying process.
  • Doing what your recipe requires will make it easier for you to prepare a fruit pulp with a good consistency.
  • At the end of the cooking process, it is necessary to dry the pulp by laying it on a clean cloth.
  • Those who seek answers to questions such as how to make walnut pulp or how to make mulberry pulp should have the right information about the drying part.
  • It is very important to carry out the drying process in a sunny and warm place.
  • In order to dry the pestil in healthy conditions, drying should be done in places far from the industrial area.
  • More plateaus, villages, and clean open environments with sun exposure should be preferred.
  • If the pulp dries in places with dusty and polluted weather conditions, harmful substances may pass into the pulp through the air.
  • In this case, it poses a risk to your health.
  • It is recommended that you buy the fruit pulp dried in the place you trust while purchasing.

How to Eat Pestil?

  • Pestils can be presented to users in various ways.
  • Different options such as sugar-free fruit pulp, fruit pulp amulet, fruit pulp bagel or fruit pulp fry offer rich alternatives for food lovers.
  • Due to the sugar it contains, fruit pulp is slightly high in calories.
  • 100 grams of mulberry pulp is approximately 350-400 kcal in calories.
  • The answer to the question of how many calories are in the walnut pulp will be a little more because of the nuts in it.

What are Pestil Types?

  • Pestils can be made with many different fruits.
  • Although mulberry and grape are the most used fruits, apricots, plums and figs also add flavor to fruit pulp in many regions.
  • Recipes can be prepared with various fruit pulp making materials.
  • In order to answer questions such as how to make fruit pulp from mulberry or grape, first of all, it is necessary to talk about the process of preparing the fruits.
  • Fruits, which also determine the type of pestil, are subjected to processes that will separate their sap after they are washed and cleaned well.

What are the Benefits of Pestil?

  • Many answers can be given to the question of what are the benefits of pestil.
  • Since it consists of the essence of fruits, it contains many vitamins beneficial to the body and thus supports the immune system.
  • Pestils are rich in minerals as well as fat-soluble vitamins and contribute to the regeneration of the body’s cells.
  • Pestil sausage varieties provide the energy you will need in the cold days of winter.
  • Excess will be harmful as it contains sugar and starch.
  • It is very useful for the regular functioning of many systems of the body, as it will contain different nutrients according to the fruits it is made from.
  • Peels containing high amounts of sugar should be used carefully and a doctor should be consulted before consuming.

Which Region Does Pestil Belong To?

  • Although pestils are found all over Anatolia, they are made more intensively in some places compared to local fruits.
  • While plum pestil is mostly preferred in the Central Anatolia Region; the grape pulp is also frequently made in many corners of Anatolia.
  • Gümüşhane is one of the places where mulberry pulp and mulberry pulp are made the most.
  • To answer the question of what is pestil köme, it can be said that it is a different shaped type of fruit pulp.

Where to Buy Pestil? What is the Pestil Price?

  • At the end of the long process required for making fruit pulp at home, a delicious snack will emerge that does justice to its difficulty.
  • Many types of fruit pulp, also known as Batik fruit pulp, can be obtained from expert and reliable sellers in various regions of Anatolia.
  • Depending on the fruit they are made from and the nuts or walnut-like products they contain, the prices of the pestils can start from 20 TL and reach 30 TL or even 40 TL.
  • The price of products with extra features such as coco fruit pulp, carrot fruit pulp or fruit pulp wrap will be higher than the plain ones.

8 Different Homemade Pestil Recipes

1) Try the Original Taste of Plum as a Pestil

The sour-sweet flavors of plums have many lovers of all ages. By consuming this special taste in fruit pulp, you can have a healthy snack at home.

2) Molasses as a Snack

This fruit pulp, which you can eat even while sitting or working, allows you to take advantage of the high nutritional value of molasses in a practical way. You can consume sweet and nutritious molasses pulp as a snack during the day.

3) A Different Pestil Flavor

If you are looking for a taste other than the fruits that come to mind when you think of pestil, you can choose sour cherry. Sour cherry pulp, which will offer a different taste, can also be easily used in treats.

4) Perfect Harmony of Walnut and Mulberry Pestil

Mulberry is one of the ingredients that will double the taste of the pestil as an ideal snack. You can consume the pestil, which enriches both its appearance and taste with the added walnut pieces, to provide energy in winter.

5) Both Delicious and Nutritious

The benefits of figs are endless. Combined with walnuts, fig pulp will take its place in your kitchens as a useful and delicious snack.

6) An Unusual Pestil Recipe

You can choose the roasting method to eat or serve the pestil in different ways. This recipe, which will give your guests a different experience, will be a nutritious snack alternative.

7) A Good Dessert Alternative

This recipe, which will combine the flavor of curd cheese with the original taste of mulberry pulp, will successfully accompany your tea hours. If you like to try innovative flavors, you can try the mulberry pulp and curd duo.

8) A Delicious Peach Scented Snack

The peach pulp can be preferred as a practical snack that can be consumed with tea, coffee or alone throughout the day. This recipe, which will be liked by everyone with its delicious consistency, will also be a favorite of your family.

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