How to Grow Potatoes at Home? 4 Easy Steps

How to Grow Potatoes

The Easiest Way to Grow Potatoes at Home! Growing vegetables and fruits at home is both a hobby and an economic activity for some people. In order not to be affected by the increasing prices from time to time, you can create a small garden in your home. You can plant the vegetables and fruits you consume in this garden, and when the time comes, you can collect them with their organic taste.

One type of organic farming will be to grow potatoes at home. Those who do not know how to grow potatoes will not be able to think about how to grow potatoes. In order to eliminate these question marks, we have prepared our article on how to grow potatoes, which includes tricks. When you hear that potatoes can be grown easily at home, you will immediately take action.

Did you know that you can also grow potatoes in sacks? The information on this page will be very useful for you to grow a hormone-free potato in ways you can’t imagine! Let’s look at the answers to the question of how to grow potatoes in pots and bags. Those who are wondering how to plant potatoes and what to do at home, do not leave our page!

Potato Growing Materials

In recent years, those who are engaged in the hobby of growing plants at home have grown some products in sacks. One of them is the potato, which is not missing from the tables. Now let’s take a look at the materials you need to grow potatoes in a sack. The creators of the ingredients on this list are so close to creating their own potato garden!

  • Plastic cup or glass jar
  • Toothpick
  • medium potato
  • Wide sack / large flower pot
  • Fertilized, mineral-rich soil
  • working gloves

4 Steps At Home – How to Grow Potatoes in a Sack Easiest?

Step 1

  • Before planting the potatoes in bags or pots, they need to be pre-germinated.
  • For the germination process, you should insert toothpicks into the potatoes you prefer and ensure contact with the air.
  • Make a hole in the bottom of the potato with 3 toothpicks and fix the toothpicks in this hole.
  • Then, fill the plastic container or glass the size of the potato will fit in with water.
  • Place the potatoes in this water-filled bowl.
  • Those who do the avocado seed germination process can easily germinate the potato. Going through the same process will allow your potatoes to germinate in a few days under the sun.

Step 2

  • The potatoes you pierced with a toothpick should have started to sprout after a few days. At this stage, you can plant the soil.
  • Wear working gloves to protect your hands and mulch the soil well.
  • Now to shorten the size of your sack, curl the ends and fill it with soil.
  • If your soil is rich in minerals, your potatoes will grow healthier.
  • The temperature of the soil to be planted should be +8 degrees . This temperature is quite ideal for growth.
  • The soil pH range should be between 5.5 and 6.0. Soils outside these values ​​inhibit the growth of potatoes and affect the development of roots.
  • Fill half of the sack with soil and distribute the germinated potatoes in the sack with spaces between them.
  • If the preferred sack is 50 liters, an easier and more comfortable working area will be prepared.
  • Then sprinkle soil over the potatoes, so as not to throw them too deep.
  • You should take care that the soil is loose.

Step 3

  • It’s time to choose a good location for the potato in the sack!
  • Potatoes like sunny and moist places. For this reason, you should place the sack in a sunny location.
  • Having a slightly humid place will help you get more efficient results.

Step 4

  • Now you need to do some retouching. Over time, you will see potatoes sprouting from the ground.
  • Just at this time, you need to add fertile soil for better growth of the sprouts.
  • You can add soil when the sprouting potatoes grow to about 20 cm.

9 Tips for Growing Potatoes That Will Help You

Knowing some tricks while growing potatoes will help you a lot! If you want to collect fertile and organic potatoes in your potted soil, keep the following information in mind!

  • Potato is a vegetable that loves attention and care. We recommend that you regularly check your potatoes in the sack . If weeds have emerged, you should remove these weeds.
  • If you forgot when you last watered the potato, you can check the soil. If the soil is moist, you can wait a little longer. In addition, if there are yellowed leaves, it is a sign that it is time to water.
  • Since the potato is a plant that grows vertically, if you are going to grow it in pots, you should prefer long and wide pots.
  • The potato, which likes to be fertilized, also loves oak wood ash . If you add some oak wood ash to the soil, you will ensure healthier growth.
  • Oak wood ash and burnt animal manure meet the potassium requirement of the soil .
  • Do not leave the potatoes growing in the potato sack without water in the summer heat. This plant, which remains moist in autumn and spring, can dry out in the scorching heat of summer.
  • When planting potatoes in the ground, you can choose from lightly freckled potatoes.
  • It is recommended that the soil in the sack be loose. In order for the soil to hold the potatoes, you must give life water. Avoid compacting the soil in your hands.
  • Harvest time comes about 3 months after the planting date of potatoes. Potatoes that are blooming and growing leaves are ready to be picked.

How to Store Potatoes?

Potato is a vegetable that is affected by heat exchange. If you want to preserve potatoes at home for a long time, you can now put the information we will explain to you into practice!

  • Potatoes’ biggest fear is getting wet. Potatoes that come into contact with very little water soon begin to rot. For this reason, you should place the potatoes in a location away from water.
  • The fridge in which you will store the potatoes must be ventilated. Generally, there are storage cabinets or storage drawers on the balconies. Since these products are completely closed, they cause the potatoes to germinate and rot.
  • If you want to consume the potatoes you bought for a long time, you can store them in a perforated basket. You should also protect this basket from the sun.
  • The sun-exposed potato begins to turn green and rot itself.
  • Also, store potatoes alone. Do not add vegetables such as onions or garlic.
  • If you have kilos of potatoes, take care to store these products in a dark and cool place.
  • We also have sad news for those who want to store potatoes in the refrigerator: Potatoes cannot adapt to the temperature of the refrigerator. Therefore, storing potatoes in the refrigerator is not a healthy method.

9 Super Benefits of Potatoes You Didn’t Know About

From breakfast to dinner, adding potatoes to various meals has great benefits for your health. Potato, which is a guest of healthy meals in boiled, baked and pureed form; It also flavors the tables with its fried foods. So, what are the benefits of potatoes? Here are the positive changes that will occur in the body of those who consume potatoes!

  • Potatoes containing potassium control blood pressure. When blood pressure is balanced , you feel more dynamic and healthy.
  • Thanks to the minerals in the juice of the potato , you can prepare a skin mask and purify your skin from harmful substances. The minerals in this water have an antioxidant effect.
  • Potato containing phosphorus supports the secretion of reproductive hormones. Increases fertility.
  • By balancing stomach acids, potatoes have positive effects on the digestive system .
  • Potato and potato juice, which balances blood flow, takes precautions against heart diseases .
  • Since it contains starch, it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time when consumed in salads .
  • Potato is a vegetable that is loved and useful in every way. You can add volume and vitality to your hair by applying potato cure .
  • Mashed potatoes, the favorite food of babies in the transition period to solid food , meet the magnesium and potassium needs of babies.
  • Potatoes with high vitamin value protect the immune system when healthy cooking methods are tried. Thanks to this vegetable, which has a stimulating effect on nerve cells , body functions work in a balanced way.

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