How to Grow Onions at Home? 3 Steps

How to Grow Onions

How to Grow Onions at Home in 3 Steps! Onion has a large share in agriculture in World. Onion, which has the opportunity to grow abundantly in Anatolian lands, comes to the fore in adding flavor and healing to dishes. This vegetable, which is easy to grow, is found in many homes by kilos because it is consumed raw and cooked. Onion, which also has a place in organic agriculture, creates many delicious recipes in its fresh and dry form.

If you love onions very much and want to grow onions in their most natural form in your balcony or garden; On this page, we will give you the answer to the question of how to grow onions. You can create your own garden at home by going through very easy stages, and you can grow hormone-free and drug-free onions in this garden. Fresh lovers will be quick, while onion lovers will have a little patience on this page. When you collect the ripening onions, you will enjoy the taste of organic onions in your best meals. Those who want to grow onions at home with very few materials can read this article carefully!

The onion, which will grow before your eyes, will be harvested when the time comes and add flavor to your best meals. Here are the step-by-step answers to the question of how to grow fresh, dried onions for those who are curious and those who are looking for a hobby!

Necessary Materials for Growing Onions

When you want to grow onions in your home, you must first prepare the necessary environment and the materials you need. If you want to finish planting works in a clean environment, you can collect the materials on a large bag. Thus, you will prevent the soil from spilling on the ground. Now let’s remind you of the materials needed to grow onions. After completing these materials, you can set out to plant the onion:

  • A large and wide flowerpot – large pet bottle
  • organic fertilizer
  • mineral-rich soil
  • Shallots (you will use as seeds)
  • Watering can or spray

3 Steps: How to Grow Dry Onions at Home Easily?

Step 1

  • When you want to grow onions at home, take your flower pot colored according to your taste and wash it once.
  • After washing the pot, dry it well and prepare it for pouring soil.
  • Fill halfway up the pot with mineral-rich soil. Add two handfuls of fertilizer to the soil and mix these two mixtures well.
  • Do not press the soil while mixing the soil. The soil needs to be quite pliable and loose.
  • Let us remind you of a trick when buying soil: The darker the color of the soil, the more fertilizer it contains.
  • The pH of the soil you choose for onions also affects its yield. You can grow onions well between 6.5 and 7.5 pH.
  • Let’s inform those who want to grow onions in a plastic bottle. Drill large holes in 5 liter plastic bottles and pour the soil in a plastic bottle.
  • If you poured the soil into the pot, now let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2

  • It’s time to plant shallots in the prepared soil mixture.
  • You can determine the number of shallots according to the size of the pot.
  • If you have bought a tall and wide flower pot; Place the onions in the soil, leaving about 2 inches of space between each shallot.
  • At this stage, ensure that the ends of the shallots, that is, the pointed parts, are facing up. Onions will grow from these ends.
  • Those who grow onions in a plastic bottle should bring the ends of the onions close to the holes they made in the plastic bottle. The onion will grow out of these holes.
  • You should add some soil around the shallots. Avoid completely burying the onions under the soil during this process.
  • You can add the soil to allow the shallots to breathe.

Step 3

  • Now your last step; it will be to place the flower pot in a nice position and give it life water.
  • After planting, do not water the soil too much.
  • This lifeblood is given to make it easier for shallots to hold onto the soil.
  • You can place the watered pot in a semi-shaded position on the balcony or in the garden.
  • Do not forget that you need to protect from intense heat in the first periods.
  • Over time, the onions will grow and will first give green onions as spring onions.
  • When you wait for it to dry a little more, the shallots will grow and take a large place in the pot.
  • Shallots planted at the end of the last 4 months will become edible onions.

What Should Be Considered When Growing Onions? 11 Tips

  • There are certain periods of growing onions. You can make use of every moment except for the autumn period. The rainy and humid weather of autumn can cause the onions to rot. No matter how long you keep it on the balcony, it is affected by seasonal conditions.
  • Since the onion will extend its roots during the growing period; Your pot selection should be quite wide. If you are undecided when buying pots, you can choose pots of 20 cm and above.
  • There should be a distance of 10 cm between shallots planted in the pot . Seeds planted too close together can slow growth.
  • The choice of soil where the onion will grow is important. They like clay and mineral-rich soils. If there is a field or garden nearby, you can also use the land in these lands.
  • Onions love to be fertilized. Fertilizing the pot before planting increases its yield.
  • If you are growing other plants in pots on the balcony, the onion pot can grow close to these plants. Therefore, you do not need to take the onion pot to a far place.
  • When the onion moves to a different location from the place it is used to, it undergoes a sudden change in temperature. This temperature change can cause the onion to become infested. Therefore, you should choose the right location from the first day.
  • Do not forget to water the onion. You can check the pot and water it every 2 days.
  • When the harvest period comes, that is, when the onions grow and dry, you should stop watering for about 15 days to collect more easily. Stopping watering before harvesting will help you harvest onions more easily.
  • The temperature of the environment is important for the healthy growth of the onion. The onion, which can stay strong up to -8 degrees, grows best at 22 degrees. You can grow onions at temperatures between these two numbers. -8 degrees in winter does not freeze onions; but you should still prepare a temperate environment.
  • Growing onions in a pot or a plastic bottle can be one of your biggest hobbies. If you prefer a plastic bottle, you should choose a bottle of at least 2.5 liters.

How to Store Dry Onions?

Onion is a plant that is easily affected by heat change. Therefore, it should be stored in a safe environment. Humidity and high temperature cause the onions to rot. If you have a large quantity of onions on hand, you can remember the following information to preserve them:

  • We want to warn you about a common habit. Onions and potatoes should not stay in the same place. The moisture of the potato can affect the onion and cause it to rot. For this reason, you should store the onions in a separate area.
  • Onions are not suitable for storage in the refrigerator. It can be stored in a cool and dry room or in a balcony corner.
  • To use dried onions for a longer life; You can chop it in any size you want and store it in a storage container in the deep freezer. You can do this on days when you use half of the onion.
  • If you have bought kilos of onions, you can store them in a perforated sack in a location away from water and sun.
  • If your working area is narrow in the kitchen and you cannot find a place to put the onions; You can make a small cut from both bottom corners of the paper bag and put the onions in this paper. You can store the onions in the paper bag in the kitchen cabinet.

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