Tulip Flower: Characteristics, Meaning, Home Care

Tulip Flower

The tulip flower is one of the flowers that gave a name to a period in the Ottoman period. It is a noble looking, elegant stance flower. Tulip, one of the bulbous plants, takes its place in pots of many colors. One of the flowers recommended to people who are enthusiastic about growing plants is the tulip flower. Because the feature of this elegant and pleasant-looking tulip is such that everyone can easily grasp it.

The story of the tulip flower, which matures and blooms in a very short time, is told to you on this page. Let’s see what are the features of tulips that color the balconies and landscape areas and give energy to those who see it?

tulip flower care

What are the Features of Tulip Flower?

One of the indispensable flowers of the most elegant tables, bridal bouquets and home gifts is the tulip flower. Tulip flower has some unique features. Let us express these features as follows:

  • All the colors found in the rainbow appear in tulip flowers. It is a very colorful plant.
  • The tulip flower is a symbol. It has a deep meaning for Turks. Because you are the flower of the Ottoman Empire, which is so planted and whose name is heard.
  • When you consider the whole world, almost 5 thousand tulip species are grown.
  • The tulip flower seedling consists of a bulb. The planted tulip bulb stores seeds for the next year.
  • Since each flower has a meaning, tulip colors also represent an emotion.
  • Tulip, a species of lily family, is a flower suitable for growing both in pots and in garden soil.
  • Its flowers resemble bells.
  • The tulip flower, which emerged from the western parts of Asia, came to Turkey in the 12th century.
  • It is generally used in decoration and landscaping. In our country, the shape of this flower has inspired many works of art. The tulip motif is frequently used in tile, marbling and carpet weaving.
  • The tulip, which shows its flowers with the arrival of spring, remains alive until the last days of summer. Tulips grown for commercial purposes are cut before they fully open their flowers and kept in a vase with water. This type of tulip has a very short lifespan.
  • Growing tulips in the ground and outdoors can survive almost all summer long.
meaning of tulip flower

The Meaning and Story of the Tulip Flower

The meaning of the tulip flower contains different stories for each color. Since the colors of the flowers represent some emotions, let us explain to you what the colors of tulips mean. If you buy a tulip bouquet for the opposite sex or if you use tulips for decoration in your home, you should master the energy of colors.

Red Tulip

  • If you want to express your interest in the opposite sex and you are sure of his feelings, you can buy a red tulip.
  • The red tulip is the symbol of great love. Sometimes, when you can’t say I love you, you can express your feelings by buying red tulips.
  • The red tulip also has a story dating back to ancient times. It is a flower that symbolizes the great love of Ferhat and Şirin.
  • Ferhat sheds tears for Şirin all the time. Red tulips emerge the next day in every soil where tears are shed. For this reason, it is remembered as the flower of the greatest loves.

yellow tulip

  • Bringing energy and joy instead of erasing negative emotions, the yellow tulip is a type of tulip that you can present to your loved ones.
  • Sometimes the yellow tulip, which is also a symbol of unrequited feelings, is preferred to bring new news and a hopeful future for the person to whom it is gifted.
  • Yellow tulips will be a symbol of positive emotions and joy when used at home.

Pink Tulip

  • Pink tulip is the symbol of the most innocent feelings. It can be given as a gift during the first meeting days, when you meet to get to know someone.
  • You can buy pink tulips during patient visits or on beautiful days when important days are celebrated.
  • Pink tulips are used as symbols of respect and love.

Purple Tulip

  • Attracting attention with its color, the purple tulip is used to reinforce the feeling of trust.
  • The purple tulip taken to the opposite sex is the harbinger of trust in her.

white tulip

  • Known as the flower of apology, the white tulip is also indispensable for weddings and weddings.
  • The white tulip, which conquers the hearts with its elegant appearance, is preferred to win the heart of a person.

Orange Tulip

  • It is known as the congratulatory flower. If you can’t find the time to attend an invitation, you can send orange tulips to the person who invited you.
  • The orange tulip signifies that the gifted person is thought of and is very happy.
tulip flower cultivation

How to Grow Tulip Flowers at Home?

There are some tricks you need to know to grow tulip flowers in the home environment :

  • Since tulip is a bulbous plant, bulbs should be planted before freezing. This period is before winter. If you stay in the cold of winter; Onions freeze in the soil, spoiling its structure.
  • You need to separate the tulip flowers that grew before and faded after a while from the bulb.
  • Wilted flowers can also rot the bulb. For this reason, onions should be taken from the pot and ventilated in a cool place.
  • You can plant these bulbs in the ground again on a cool day.
  • If you are growing straight or inverted tulip flowers; You should choose a suitable medium for onions. Such flowers do not grow indoors and in areas with low oxygen.
  • Tulip flower care does not tire you much and does not require trouble. When you take care of it in a controlled way, you can see colorful tulips on the balcony and in the garden.

How to Care for Tulip Flowers?


  • The answer to the question of how many days to water the tulip flower is different for each pot. Because the water absorption capacity will change according to the number of tulips.
  • Using the same measuring cup for each irrigation prolongs the life of the tulip. The fact that the water is rested is also a big factor.
  • It is recommended to irrigate so that the soil remains moist. You can use water sprays with large holes.

Soil Change

  • If an infestation has occurred on the tulip bulbs, separate the bulbs from the old soil and air out on a newspaper.
  • Make sure that the new soil is mineralized. You can do this soil change in spring every year for better growth of tulips.

Pot Selection

  • Since tulip bulbs will be tuberous, you can make sure that the pot is wide and deep.
  • You can plant so that there is a 15 cm gap between each onion .
  • You can use rectangular pots to get a better view in the pot. Thus, the tulip will grow comfortably in a larger area.

Onion Selection and Planting

  • It is recommended to take the onions one by one and take care that each onion is closed .
  • Since you cannot know the quality of the onions bought in packages, it would be better to buy open onions.


  • Tulips cannot grow in a completely closed environment. For this reason, you can take the tulip flowers that you will grow with love in an airy environment.
  • Living room corners and balcony corners will be a good location for the tulip to get sunlight and air.

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