How to cook red pepper?

cook red pepper
cook red pepper

Before starting the cooking of red pepper, its stalk and all seeds are removed. You can cook the vegetable whole, in large or small cubes. Such a nuance does not affect the cooking time too much, and the type of dish or the form of serving the pepper on the table plays a key role. After removing the seeds, the vegetables must be rinsed from the inside again.

If the seeds are not removed, their presence in the dish can impair the taste and even spoil the experience. The seeds are extracted from red peppers by any method of preparation chosen and regardless of the size or variety of the vegetable.

You can cook red pepper :

  • in an ordinary saucepan (pepper is placed in boiling water);
  • in the microwave (red pepper is placed in a special bowl for this type of technique);
  • in a multicooker (pepper is placed in a special compartment for products and cooked in the “Steam cooking” or “Baking” modes);
  • in a pressure cooker (the fastest way to boil peppers, the lid of the pressure cooker must be tightly closed);
  • in a double boiler (pepper is put in a special compartment, and water is poured into a container located at the bottom of the double boiler).

Principles of cooking red pepper :

  • when cooking in a regular saucepan, put pepper in boiling and pre-salted water;
  • with the help of bay leaves, you can enhance the aroma and taste of pepper;
  • boil red pepper over medium heat (when boiling over low heat, the pepper will acquire a too soft consistency);
  • it is better to taste the readiness of red pepper (it is rather difficult to check the softness of this vegetable with a knife or sharp fork);
  • if, after boiling, the pepper will be repeatedly heat treated (for example, stewed or baked), then the cooking time can be reduced by 1/3 part;
  • if the red pepper is closed with a lid during cooking, then its consistency will be disturbed;
  • if you digest the pepper, then its skin will crack, and the pulp will fall apart;
  • you do not need to remove the peel from the pepper before boiling it (in addition, it will be rather difficult to carry out);
  • when cooking peppers in a double boiler, it is necessary to take into account the method of cooking the vegetable in advance (the taste of steamed red pepper will differ slightly from the traditional cooking option in a regular saucepan).

How much to cook red pepper

The cooking time for red pepper is on average 7 minutes. In this case, we mean pepper, which is cooked in its pure form. Peppers stuffed with other ingredients are cooked depending on the type of filling. This is most often done within 30 minutes over low to medium heat.

If red pepper is cooked for lecho or adjika, then the cooking time will increase and will be about 30-40 minutes. Such varieties of dishes usually begin to cook with pepper, and only then other ingredients are reported to it.

Red pepper is cooked in a double boiler for 30 minutes. If a multicooker is used to cook a vegetable, then the cooking time will be the same. In the microwave, red pepper will reach readiness in 15-20 minutes (you need to fill it with hot water).

It is recommended to put red pepper in boiling water. If you pour a vegetable with cold liquid and put it on a fire, then the cooking time will increase and there will be a risk of digestion of the pepper.

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