15 Amazing Benefits of Potatoes That Will Surprise You

Benefits of Potatoes

Potato, which takes its place among the main foods of Turkish cuisine, has many cooking methods. Potatoes, which are consumed not only in Turkey but also in the world cuisine, both as a side dish and as a stand-alone meal, can be found in the kitchens of every house with an affordable price.

Sometimes a practical meal, sometimes a delicious side dish, the potato is one of the first vegetables that comes to mind with its nutritiousness, easy growth and accessibility. We have compiled all the details of this ancient vegetable for you, with the most special recipes using potatoes, basic information about potatoes and different features to know.

Potatoes are one of the special vegetables for cooks. When it comes to frying, the first food that comes to mind is french fries. French fries, on the other hand, have alternatives such as fingers, apple slices, and crustaceans. There are potatoes everywhere that appeal to the palate, from chips made from finely chopped potatoes to boiled potatoes with a distinctive taste, to kumpir made from roasted potatoes.

Potato meal, on the other hand, can be called a separate title on its own. There are many lovers of the potato dish, which is also diversified as meat, minced meat, chicken or sitting. Potatoes are delicious in all cooking styles.

15 Benefits of Potatoes – See What It’s Good For!

The benefits of potatoes, which find a place on the tables in various types, show themselves in many ways:

  • The benefits of potato peel, which contains plenty of potassium, balance blood pressure. 
  • It reduces the risk of heart palpitations.
  • Among the benefits of raw potatoes is that it is good for bruises on the skin . You can lighten the tired look and dark circles under the eyes by putting the potato on your eyes in circles.
  • Raw potato benefits are one of the most natural remedies for non-serious burns and rashes .
  • It facilitates digestion by removing gas and acids in the stomach and relaxes the stomach.
  • Since potato is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, it offers a regulating effect on the nervous system .
  • It is good for the thyroid with the selenium in its content , and the skin health with the manganese .
  • Thanks to its phosphorus content, it contributes positively to sexual power.
  • Potato benefits  include moisturizing dry skin, preventing wrinkles around the eyes, healing sunburns, softening the skin and removing blemishes.
  • Boiled potato benefits are perfect for diarrhea. You can consume plenty of boiled potatoes on the days when you experience this ailment.
  • Thanks to its vitamin B6 content, it acts as a treatment against stress and chronic fatigue.
  • Folate, which increases breast milk, is abundant in potatoes. Nursing mothers can consume potatoes.
  • Potatoes prevent the risk of cancer with vitamin B9, which ensures the formation of healthy and new cells .
  • In cases such as indigestion, bloating and especially constipation, you can work your intestines by eating potatoes.
  • Against hair loss, you can wash your hair by adding potato juice to the rinsing water or you can directly massage your scalp with potato juice.

Potato Nutritional Value and Calories

  • The nutritional value of the potato, which stands out among the people with its strength and keeping it full, is also important in this sense.
  • Potatoes, of which almost everyone loves at least one type, draws attention as a food rich in vitamin C.
  • Potatoes, which contain more vitamin C than tomatoes and more potassium than bananas, meet your daily needs with 100 grams if you consume them in boiled and crushed form in terms of vitamin D.
  • The type of potato rich in vitamin D is called sweet potato.
  • Raw potatoes contain 70-80% water in terms of nutritional value, while the remainder consists of easily digested carbohydrates.
  • With 10-15% starch content, potatoes are among the vegetables with high sugar content.
  • Potatoes, which you can use in your healthy and balanced nutrition programs, do not have a high value in terms of protein.
  • The answer given by the experts to the questions asked as whether potato is acid or base is that fresh potato does not show acidic behavior as a low alkaline food.

Is Potato Weakening?

  • If you pay attention to your form and determine your eating habits according to this goal, with the right consumption program, potatoes can be on your list.
  • If you have stomach ailments, you can use the cure prepared with raw potato juice as an alternative method for treatment .
  • In addition to getting rid of your excess weight, you can consume 1 glass of the cure, which you can obtain by extracting all the juice from a completely peeled potato in a juicer, to relieve your back and joint pain complaints .

What Are the Harms of Potatoes?

In addition to its many benefits, the list of potato harms can also be mentioned:

  • It is recommended that you eat potatoes, which has the risk of gaining weight when you consume too much and especially as frying in oil, like any good food.
  • If you are someone who pays attention to your weight, the questions of how many calories in 1 french fries or does a potato cause gas may be in the back of your mind every time you consume it.
  • The most correct answer to this would be to eat in your decision. Another risk for this beautiful vegetable is potato poisoning.
  • The solanine substance formed in the potato, which has a green layer on it, causes a poisoning with symptoms such as dizziness and diarrhea.
  • Therefore, stay away from green potatoes. Except for these conditions, if you consume it moderately and your body does not produce a potato allergy, you can easily enjoy this beautiful vegetable.

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