How to store chocolate

How to store chocolate

How to store chocolate? Chocolate is a unique delicacy. But whether it is white, milk or dark, in bars or bite-sized versions, it is also fragile and must be kept according to the rules of the art to preserve its delicate aromas.

Store chocolate in a cool, dry place

Chocolate does not like heat, let it be said. During hot weather, especially in summer, it can be difficult to store chocolate properly. It tends to melt and soften. As it hardens, it then loses its melting texture and becomes drier, more crumbly. It also tends to whiten. This thin white layer is due to the rise of cocoa butter, a component of chocolate.

The ideal is therefore to keep your chocolate in a cool place (between 10 and 18°C), well protected from light but also from humidity. The cellar is often the best option, which generally offers a stable temperature throughout the year.

Can chocolate be stored in the fridge?

If you don’t have a cellar, the other option is to put it in the fridge to avoid overheating, where it will be well protected from temperature rises. But be careful to respect some rules. In particular, keep your chocolate in its original packaging and if it is already open, wrap it carefully in a tightly closed plastic bag . Also remember to take it out of the refrigerator about two hours before eating it so that it regains its flavor and texture.

Avoid air and light to store chocolate well

Chocolate can lose its flavor when it oxidizes. It is therefore important that it does not come into contact with light or air for too long. The cocoa butter would then risk decomposing, causing it to lose its taste and sometimes giving off an unpleasant scent. Be sure to keep it well packaged .

How long can I keep my chocolates?

Trust the Date of Minimum Durability or DDM , indicated under each box or bar of chocolate. To fully enjoy the aromas and texture of chocolate, it is best to taste them before this date. Generally, the darker the chocolate, the longer it can last .


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