The 10 Most Effective Natural Foods For Anemia


Anemia has become a problem for many people today. It can occur when the hemoglobin ratio in the body decreases in certain periods. Although there are various factors among the causes of anemia, inadequate and unhealthy nutrition play an important role in this regard. If you have anemia due to iron deficiency, you can provide herbal treatment with blood-forming foods. By consuming these foods regularly, you can benefit from both their blood-forming properties and other benefits.

An important warning: It is recommended not to consume foods with blood-forming properties, such as milk, yogurt, ayran and black tea. Dr. Ender Saraçoğlu states that these foods reduce iron absorption and that foods high in vitamin C should be preferred instead.

1) Carob Molasses

  • Carob molasses is among the foods that make blood the fastest with the effect of iron, minerals and vitamins in it.
  • Adding a few spoons of carob molasses to your breakfast routine will both increase the blood rate in your body and contribute to your health.
  • The point you should pay attention to when choosing molasses is that it does not contain added sugar. Because carob contains enough sugar.

2) Spinach

  • Spinach, which is one of the foods rich in iron, is among the foods that make blood the most.
  • While it is good for cardiovascular diseases, it strengthens the immune system thanks to the vitamins in it.
  • You can choose spinach for lunch or dinner at least once a week.
  • You can make your consumption richer with the onion and tomato paste you add.

3) Seeded Black Raisins

  • Black raisins with seeds consumed every day have a blood-thinning effect.
  • However, it is both an energy store and very useful for the heart and brain.
  • You can consume it when you crave dessert, you can choose between meals or include it in your snack plate.

4) Green Lentils

  • Iron, magnesium and zinc in green lentils play an important role in the formation of red blood cells. Accordingly, it reduces symptoms such as fatigue.
  • Green lentils can be consumed as soup or boiled and used in salads.

5) Kiwi

  • Vitamins A, K, E, potassium and iron in kiwi will both increase red blood cells and balance your blood pressure in the body.
  • You can add kiwi to your fruit salads or use it in your desserts.

6) Red Meat

  • Red meat, which is almost the most important source of iron, is a food that should be consumed a lot in daily life.
  • In addition to many benefits, it has a great effect on the digestion of iron from food. For this reason, it should be consumed 2-3 times a week if possible.

7) Orange

  • Since vitamin C will increase the absorption of iron in the body much faster, it should be consumed in abundance.
  • Since the orange is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C, it will both increase the iron rate and strengthen your immune system.

8) Almond

  • It is famous for containing vitamin E in almonds, which are especially preferred in skin care .
  • Since it increases iron absorption, it is among the foods that make blood.
  • Consuming an average of 4-5 almonds a day will support blood cells and make your skin beautiful.

9) Liver

  • It is very effective in increasing the rate of hemoglobin in the body with the iron and vitamin B12 in the liver.
  • Moreover, thanks to the vitamin A in it, it will also strengthen your immune system.
  • You can opt for beef liver, lamb liver and chicken liver and include it in your daily meals if possible.

10) Red Beets

  • Thanks to the vitamin C in red beet, which is mostly preferred with meals, it increases the absorption of iron in the body more and balances blood pressure.
  • In addition to its protective effects against cancer, it is also preferred for lowering blood pressure.
  • You can consume red beet not only as a pickle, but also as chips and salad, even by drinking its juice.

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