How Many Calories in Omelet? Omelet Calorie Values ​​by Types

Calories in Omelet

Omelet calorie amount varies according to the abundance of ingredients. Omelet, which is prepared by many people in a short time when they wake up in the morning, is a satisfying and nutritious food. It is generally preferred for breakfast. In the weight loss process, omelette is sometimes consumed in snacks and sometimes in main meals. When you think that eggs are a very good source of protein, you can understand how good an omelet consumption is to support muscle and bone development.

Eggs are a food that should be consumed by people of all ages. It supports the mental development of babies during the transition to solid food. Eggs, which are among the protein sources, generally come across as omelette or boiled. You can add variety to the omelet according to your taste and imagination.

Cooking eggs on oil after whisking is called omelette. When it is made in butter, it makes you love yourself with an appetizing smell. Omelet, which has an important place in sports nutrition, will also be an important food for children in growing age. Omelet, which draws attention with its easy-to-make and satisfying taste, will appear in this article with the amount of calories. It will have different calorie values ​​when prepared with vegetables, meats and various cheeses. If you often consume omelet, it’s time to take a look at the calorie information of omelet!

How Many Calories in Plain Omelet?

When you want to make a plain omelet, you will need eggs, some oil and some salt according to your taste. It is known as the complement of breakfasts. You can prepare a delicious plain omelet in a minute or two. The calories of the plain omelet you consume with pleasure will be as follows:

  • 55 grams of medium size buttered omelet how many calories: 101 calories
  • 110 gram large portion plain omelette: 202 calories
  • How many calories in 2 egg omelette: 210 calories

How Many Calories in Cheese Omelet?

The calorie amount of the omelet prepared with different types of cheese will also be different. This is due to the fat and salt content of cheese. There are calorie differences between omelets prepared with curd and cheddar cheese. We can express those differences as follows:

Cheddar Cheese Omelet:

  • 1 tablespoon of cheddar omelet: 27 calories
  • Medium portion omelet with cheddar: 240 calories
  • Small portion of cheddar omelet: 133 calories
  • Large portion of cheddar omelette: 400 calories

Curd omelet:

  • Omelet made with 120 grams of curd cheese: 222 calories

How Many Calories in Oatmeal Omelet?

Oats are weight loss friendly in diet nutrition. It is a food that is frequently consumed by those who want to lose weight with its satiating effect and benefits to metabolism. Oats, which activate the intestines, also relaxes the stomach. By adding oats to the omelet, you can witness a satisfying and healthy egg flavor. When you say how many calories are in an oatmeal omelet, you can take a look at this list:

  • 110 gram medium portion oatmeal omelette: 209 calories

How Many Calories in Potato Omelet?

Potato omelette, which is consumed lovingly, contains plenty of carbohydrates as well as satiating. When portion control is taken care of, it does not pose any health problems. But things can change a bit when you eat a large portion of potato omelette, stunned by its flavor. In order not to gain weight and to enjoy the potato omelet, it would be good to pay attention to the following calorie information:

  • 150 grams of potato omelette: 390 calories

How Many Calories in Mushroom Omelette?

Mushrooms are a healthy and low-calorie food. Before eating mushrooms, you should review the necessary hygiene conditions. Moldy or wilting mushrooms are very likely to poison. You can prepare delicious omelets for breakfast with mushrooms you buy from places you trust. While the smell of the mushroom omelet spreads to the kitchen, you can take a look at the calorie information in the list:

  • 1 tablespoon of mushroom omelet: 16 calories
  • One serving of mushroom omelet: 135 calories

How Many Calories in Sausage Omelette?

The savory taste of village breakfasts and Sunday breakfasts, sausage omelet, may be a little higher in calories than the omelets we have given information about so far. The meeting of spicy sausage with egg in a pan can witness a delicious and satisfying moment. If you say you can’t have breakfast without a sausage omelet, it would be useful to learn the calorie amount. When you examine the calorie information of the sausage omelet, you can see the following numbers:

  • One serving of sausage omelet: 242 calories

How Many Calories in Spinach Omelet?

Spinach with high iron content continues to flavor every dish it is added to. It can be included in the list of omelet ingredients and a delicious spinach omelet can be prepared. If you make an omelet with different ingredients every morning, you can try the spinach omelet this morning. Before you try it, you should also find out the calories of the spinach omelet:

  • 1 portion of spinach omelet: 147 calories

How Many Calories in Onion Omelet?

If you haven’t tried the onion omelette before, you should definitely try it one day. When you try this different taste, you may like it as much as our followers. Onion, which comes across as the most natural antibiotic, will meet with egg and turn into a healing omelet. In this way, the calorie count will be:

  • 1 serving of onion omelet: 197 calories

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