Starvation and cellulite


  • What happens to the body during healing starvation
  • Does fasting help with cellulite?
  • Ways to deal with cellulite

One of the natural methods for cleansing the body, rejuvenating and healing is starvation therapy . The practice has been known since ancient times and, when properly applied, leads to good health, pleasant vision and longevity due to the beneficial effects on appearance and health.

What happens to the body during healing starvation

When a person is starving, his body begins to feed on its own harmful tissues and diseased cells. At the same time, it vigorously expels toxins and cleanses the organs and systems of all poisons and waste stored there with food intake. The body has its own mechanism by which it automatically targets the most needy and neuralgic points.

Regardless of whether a fasting treatment with fruit and tea, a water fast or a dry fast is applied , the body manages to cope, thanks to the help of healing hunger .

Visibly, this process is described as a feeling of a surge of energy and vitality, cleansing of the skin, release of extra pounds and a kind of reboot of the body. How does fasting affect cellulite?

Does fasting help with cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin problem. Indeed, its appearance is accompanied by fats and toxins. However, it is caused by cells called lipocytes. They have a specific role in the female body. They are created with a protective function for the woman’s body.

Most of them are found in certain areas that are rounder such as the hips, thighs, lower abdomen and waist. With a healthy way of eating and living, they have normal sizes. At critical times, however, they fill up with more fat to create a reserve for the body.

During starvation treatment, the woman’s body activates these protective mechanisms and begins to fill the cells with more fat, as a result of which they increase. This growth stretches the collagen fibers and cellulite becomes visible even in thinner women. Therefore, fasting methods are not the appropriate therapy for cellulite .

Ways to deal with cellulite

– Adequate water intake

– Not fasting, but a proper diet , tailored to individual physiological and blood parameters, maintaining a good metabolic balance. This will reduce the excess content in the lipocytes with a long-lasting effect. It is good to include mainly vegetables, fish, yogurt and eggs in the menu. Avoid carbohydrates and fatty foods.

– Movement, sports and a regular rhythm of life have a good effect on the accumulation of cellulite .


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