How Many Calories in Fish? Fish Calorie Values ​​by Cooking Types

Calories in Fish

Today, when it is aimed to maintain the nutritional balance and maintain a healthy metabolism, the importance of being a conscious consumer increases. Due to the variety of food and drink around us, it is of great importance to calculate calories in order not to miss the end of the rope in our daily life. Considering that each extra calorie is the energy that needs to be removed from the body, doing this calculation from the beginning saves you a great deal of effort.

As it is known, many experts say that the power provided in terms of health also reflects on the person mentally. Therefore, those who want to be more efficient and powerful in their daily life should pay attention to what they consume at first.

How Many Calories in Fish?

Fish, one of the healthiest foods known, contains substances such as iron, iodine, phosphorus and calcium, as well as vitamins B12, A and D. In addition, fish, which contains two fatty acids of great importance for body health, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, is the type of food used by many people in daily life.

The list that will answer the question of how many calories in 1 fish of the fish category, which contains many different species, is as follows:

Fish calories are calculated based on 100 grams:

  • Trout: 168 calories
  • Sole Fish: 94 calories
  • Anchovies: 156 calories
  • Mullet: 151 calories
  • Sea Bass: 93 calories
  • Bluefish: 159 calories
  • Bonito: 168 calories
  • Carp: 162 calories
  • Salmon: 131 calories
  • Tuna: 130 calories
  • Crane: 119 calories
  • Mackerel: 159 calories

How Many Calories in Grilled Fish?

The grill, which is the most preferred way of cooking fish, which has many different cooking and presentation types, especially in our country, cheers up the kitchens of the houses. Although grilled fish is one of the most enjoyable foods in our kitchens, it shows a certain increase in calories compared to normal food types. The importance of cooking method in determining food calories is indisputable. Grilled fish cooked in oil changes its structure by being covered with several different substances beforehand. That’s why grilled fish has higher calorie values ​​than average fish.

  • Grilled Fish (100 g): 244 calories
  • Grilled Fish (1 serving / 150 g): 366 calories

How Many Calories in Fried Fish?

Another cooking method, frying, is among the popular methods applied for fish. Although frying is one of the types of food cooking that is not recommended by experts, the consumption rate of fried foods is high in our country. Fish fry is one of these favorite foods. This cooking method, which can be balanced because the fish does not contain very high calories due to its structure, does not give the same result in all foods. The answer to the question of how many calories in 1 serving of fish is as follows:

  • Fried Fish: (100 g): 239 calories
  • Fried Fish (1 serving / 150 g): 358 calories

How Many Calories in Fish Bread?

Fish bread, which is considered one of the fast food types of our country’s traditional cuisine, is one of the most enjoyable fast food foods when consumed fresh. Fish and bread, which is one of the most praised foods of many coastal cities, has a large consumption rate, especially in the Black Sea region. This food, which is very suitable for our taste, loses its innocence when examined in terms of calories. Fish and bread food, which experts do not recommend to be consumed by people on a diet, is allowed on the condition of sports for those who have caloric problems. The answer to the question of how many calories in half a fish bread, which comes to mind during consumption, is as follows:

  • Fish Bread (Half Bread): 550 calories

How Many Calories in Steamed Fish?

Steaming, which is one of the healthiest cooking methods known, is highly preferred especially for fish presentation. Steamed fish, which experts recommend to be consumed twice a week on average, pleases both people on a diet and those with calorie problems with its low calorie structure. Steamed fish, which can be preferred in main meals, manages to provide a nutritious meal with various foods in it. Steamed fish, the flavor of which increases with the various vegetables in it during cooking, is preferred because it does not pose a health problem.

  • Steamed Fish (100 g): 199 calories
  • Steamed Fish (1 serving / 200 g): 398 calories

How Many Calories in Baked Fish?

Among the healthy presentation methods, another type that takes the lead is cooking food in the oven. This cooking, which is frequently used especially in fish species, is a method that is also appreciated as a taste. Fish food, which has a very high protein value, does not cause problems with fat and carbohydrates, so it becomes much more suitable for consumption with the method of cooking in the oven. Baked fish, which is recommended by experts to be preferred as a main meal, is seen as a healthy food suitable for people who follow a diet.

  • Baked Fish (100 g): 223 calories
  • Baked Fish (1 serving / 150 g): 334 calories

How Many Calories in Fish Soup?

Soup varieties, which do not even need to comment on their healthiness, are preferred by many people who pay attention to their consumption. Soup varieties, which protect the stomach due to their lightness, are good for the immune system and provide the body with the necessary substances with their nutritional properties, succeed in being indispensable for our tables. Fish soup, which is made from fish species such as sea bass and scorpionfish, is seen as a strong food both in terms of protein and all other nutritional values. Due to its high nutritional value, this soup variety, which can also be used as a main meal, is one of the foods recommended by experts, just like other soup varieties.

  • Fish Soup (100 g / Small Bowl): 49 calories
  • Fish Soup (150 g / Medium Bowl): 73 calories
  • Fish Soup (300 gr / 1 Serving): 146 calories

How Many Calories in Fish Salad?

Salad, another type of healthy food, is among the foods that experts recommend to be consumed every day. Salad varieties on the table are recommended for those who consume a heavy meal at the main meal, as they are light and rich in vitamins. In addition to being low in calories, fish salad, which is seen as a very healthy food, manages to be the favorite of many people in terms of taste. Fish salad, which is stated by experts to be suitable for consumption alongside the main meal, is seen among the healthiest foods, provided it has plenty of greens.

  • Fish Salad (100 g): 76 calories
  • Fish Salad (1 serving / 308.8 g): 234 calories

How Many Calories in Fish Crackers?

Cracker types consumed as snacks during the day have different calorie values. These calorie values, which vary according to the ingredients and cooking methods, can create long-term health problems for the person who consumes it. Fish cracker, which is one of the frequently consumed snack types, is not recommended for people on a diet due to its high calorie values.

  • Fish Cracker (1 pack / 60 g): 289 calories

How Many Calories in Fish Oil?

This type of oil, which is obtained from fish, especially rich in Omega 3, makes a significant contribution to the body of those who cannot consume fish frequently or do not prefer fish dishes. Fish oil, which can be obtained from many different places in liquid and capsule form,
is considered suitable for consumption 2 or 3 times a week by experts .

  • Fish Oil (1 teaspoon/5 g): 44 calories

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