How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn? | Benefits of Regular Swimming

Benefits of Regular Swimming

Each individual has different calories according to age, gender and lifestyle. However, the effect of swimming, which is a very enjoyable sport for many people, on burning calories is a matter of curiosity. You can read the article to find answers to these questions.

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

Swimming is an effective sport that burns calories quickly. Swimming is a risk-free activity in terms of problem areas such as back and knees, as it is done without being exposed to physical impacts. Therefore, it is an optional sport for people of all ages.

If you are wondering how much weight swimming can make you lose weight, first of all, we need to talk about the determining factors in burning calories. We will try to answer this question by presenting average values. First of all, it is certain that the heavier you are, the more calories will be burned, this is the case in all sports. However, metabolism is also involved in swimming, as in other sports. Since it is very difficult to calculate the metabolism of the person, if we assume that the average human weight will be 70 kilos, we can reach a generalization from here.

  • If we ask how many calories are in swimming for 1 hour, the amount of calories that a 59-kg person will burn in 1 hour of swimming will be between 413 and 590 depending on swimming speed.
  • The amount of calories that a 70-pound person will burn in 1 hour of swimming is between 493 and 740.
  • If we ask how many calories are to swim over 70 kilos for half an hour, a number between 240 and 370 calories will be reached depending on the swimming speed.

If we look for answers to the questions of how many calories to swim 500 meters and how many calories to swim 1 km as another calculation criterion in determining calories, we will reach similar numbers:

  • Swimming 500 meters in freestyle for an adult weighing 70 kg will burn 300-500 calories.
  • The same person swimming 1 km will cause a calorie loss between 500-700 calories depending on his speed.

Does Swimming Make You Lose Weight?

Swimming, which is the favorite sport of diet programs, is a very effective activity in losing weight. It works many muscles in the body at the same time and is suitable for people of all ages. Therefore, it is preferred by many people. Although it is difficult to find a suitable area for swimming and clean water, many comfortable areas have been offered to people due to the fact that this sport has become very common recently. It is possible to swim in the sea as well as in Olympic swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools.

In general, all exercises done in water are suitable movements for weight loss. Thanks to the increasing resistance of water, the human body needs to spend more force, which causes fat-calorie burning.

Those who ask how many calories swimming in the sea burn, usually look for a swimming exercise program. However, swimming alone is not a factor for weight loss. Applying a regular diet program together with swimming will provide a faster and healthier weight loss.

In order to lose weight with swimming, there are some methods that should be known and applied in addition to diet:

  • For example, the duration of swimming should not be less than half an hour. Because a certain period of time is required for the establishment of the body’s temperature balance in the water and for the muscles to work.
  • As is done before starting all sports, warming up will also provide a more comfortable swimming pleasure. In addition, when starting to swim, strokes should be made with slow movements and then accelerated.
  • As many techniques as possible should be applied during swimming. Since this method will work more than one part of the body, it will provide a balance in fat burning.
  • However, as stated by most experts, if it is desired to lose weight in a healthy way, it will be more beneficial to swim one day apart instead of swimming every day. For this reason, creating a swimming plan by taking breaks for one day will allow you to lose weight in a planned way.

What are the Benefits of Swimming?

  • Regular swimming has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Coronary heart diseases are less common in people who do regular swimming training and these people are less likely to have a heart attack.
  • Swimming has stretching effects on the musculoskeletal system. The definition of “swimmer’s body” is used for body types where muscle and fat are proportionally distributed, as you can imagine.
  • The rate of injury and injury in swimming is 85% less than in sports done on land. For this reason, swimming will be the only sport recommended by doctors for those who have problems with their muscles and joints.
  • Swimming is a sport that everyone can do, regardless of age, weight or gender. For example, while overweight people do any land sports, it can cause various injuries, while swimming exercises do not carry risks in many ways.
  • Swimming has positive effects on the nervous system and the human spirit world. You can get away from the stresses of daily life with the feeling of relaxation you feel when you enter the water and the endorphin hormone that emerges after exercise.
  • Regular swimmers reduce the habit of smoking and alcohol drastically.
  • Swimming makes the breathing rate and course healthier. It allows asthmatic patients to breathe more easily over time.
  • The risk of diabetes decreases due to the sensitivity of insulin tissues.

What are Easy Swimming Techniques?

  • Free Swimming: It is the technique that allows the fastest swimming. The right and left arms are removed from the head and extended forward and the water is drawn. The feet go down and out of the water in turn.
  • Backstroke: Swim in the supine position. The arm and leg positions are the opposite of freestyle. The head stays above the water all the time, which does not cause breathing problems.
  • Butterfly Method: It is a swimming method that requires a lot of energy. However, when done regularly, it provides fast calorie burning. Since the body changes position with each movement, there is no single body position for butterfly swimming. The feet are together and they go up and down in the water. Waist movement is important in this style.
  • Breaststroke Method: It is an ideal method for those who prefer slow swimming. As the name suggests, the way frogs swim is imitated. In contrast to the backstroke, the legs and arms are spread out to the sides. Breaststroke is a swimming method in which the feet and hands move in circles.

Healthy Tips to Consider While Swimming

  • If the seas are to be preferred for swimming, the sea to swim should be thoroughly researched. It should be ensured that the depth of the sea and the creatures in it do not pose a danger. In addition, blue flag beaches should be chosen for swimming in the sea. Because these beaches are tested for possible risks and do not pose a danger.
  • In case of possible cramps while swimming in the sea, beaches should be preferred to ensure that lifesaving services are provided in order to reach the land in a healthy way. However, swimming in areas where there are no warning signs indicating shallow water may pose potential hazards.
  • Do not jump into turbid and bottomless waters; because some rocks may not be visible in the sunlight. Before swimming in risky areas where similar incidents are common or may occur, the safety measures of the environment should be thoroughly examined.
  • If a pool is to be preferred for swimming, a pool of which the depth is sure should be chosen. At the same time, it should be ensured whether the swimming pool is disinfected or not, otherwise, an unhygienic pool may have negative effects on the body.
  • Finally, it should not be drinking and swimming. Because of the self-confidence, loss of nerves and jokes that alcohol will bring, accidents that lead to death are frequent.

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