5 secrets to making duck tender and odor-free

How to make duck

Duck meat is a food that many housewives choose in their family’s daily menu and in parties. However, this type of food, if done incorrectly, will be very difficult to eat because of the characteristic odor of ducks. When preparing dishes from duck, you should note the following.

1. How to choose delicious duck vịt

To have a delicious boiled duck dish, without being tough or soft, the selection of ingredients is also very important. You should choose a duck with enough feathers, fat, and round breast. The skin on the neck and belly must be thick, if the belly is smooth and clean, the duck is delicious. Accompanying that, the duck’s eyes must be sharp.

The dull-eyed, lethargic, and thin ducks are sick or old ducks. In addition, ducks with lower abdomen sticking to feces and walking slowly should also be avoided.

2. How to make duck

After the duck has been cut, it is dipped into a basin of cold water to submerge itself. After that, take out and apply vinegar and a little white wine on top, then dip it into a pot of boiled water. With this method, the duck will pluck feathers much faster and cleaner.

After plucking the hair, should use warm water to wash it, use tweezers to remove all the fluff. Then, cut off the slime from the float. Because if you forget to cut this part, when boiling the duck, it will have a bad smell, making the dish lose its delicious taste and make it harder to eat.

3. How to get rid of the bad smell of ducks

Duck after cleaning, dry, use a little salt, pepper, crushed ginger, or can add a little white wine to apply evenly all over the body, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water, drain the duck after that is boiled.

To eliminate sweat, when boiling, you can put some crushed ginger into the boiling pot. This way the duck will get rid of the bad smell and your duck dish will always be delicious and attractive. Or you can also put crushed lemongrass into boiling water to have the same effect.

4. How to boil delicious duck

In order to have delicious boiled duck and the meat is not soft, it is advisable to put the duck in boiling water to boil, then turn down the heat to simmer for 25-30 minutes, use chopsticks to skewer the thigh if the water comes out If the color is no longer red, the duck is cooked.

Turn off the heat, take out the duck, chop it and eat it hot, it will not be crushed and the meat will be softer. If you haven’t eaten yet, just turn off the stove, not take out the duck.

5. Tips to make boiled duck not tough

If it is an old duck, after boiling it, you should not take it out immediately, but leave it until the water has cooled down completely, the meat will be soft and not tough.

In case, if the duck is boiled and not eaten right away, it should not be taken out, but should be left in the boiling pot until the water cools. Or 30 minutes before making the duck, pour a little white wine into the duck’s mouth, which will make the duck delicious and not tough when boiled.

Some people reduce the toughness of old ducks by marinating duck meat in pear juice for about 10 minutes before boiling. Some people put in a pot to boil a few snails, or a little pork marrow, boil it for a bit, then turn off the stove and continue to soak.

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