Italian delicacy: 15 tiramisu recipes from Eat at Home

Italian delicacy
Italian delicacy

This is one of the most popular desserts in the world, the history of which is still a controversial issue. However, today we will not dwell on the numerous versions of the origin of the treat, but rather share proven recipes. From our selection you will learn how to cook tiramisu at home in 15 different ways.

Tiramisu classic

If you have never cooked a famous Italian delicacy before, then you should start your acquaintance with the traditional version. The classic tiramisu recipe necessarily includes mascarpone, savoiardi cookies, eggs, coffee and alcohol to flavor the impregnation. Rum, cognac, liqueur or, in this case, marsala wine are usually used.  


When it was not possible to buy savoryadi, but you want tiramisu, you can cook it with ordinary sugar cookies. The author of this recipe always prepares dessert in this way. Whipped heavy cream is additionally added to the cream for mascarpone. It turns out very tasty!


Another classic tiramisu recipe from a famous fan of Italian cuisine Yulia Vysotskaya. Here’s what she says about the treat: “If tiramisu can be cut with a knife, then it’s not tiramisu! Tiramisu is applied only with a spoon. It usually tastes even better the next day. Instead of cognac, you can take amaretto or rum, and instead of a biscuit, you can take a package of Ladyfingers cookies. 

Tiramisu in a roll

Tiramisu is often cooked in one large dish or portion molds, but our subscriber went further and made dessert in a roll! As a basis, almond cookies “Amaretti” are taken. It is kneaded into crumbs, combined with whipped proteins and baked in the oven in the form of a biscuit. Amaretto liqueur is added to the traditional mascarpone cream. The treat is obtained with subtle nutty notes.

Strawberry tiramisu

And now let’s move on to berry interpretations of the Italian dessert. Tiramisu with strawberry impregnation is suitable even for children, because it contains neither coffee nor alcohol. Also, this recipe should be noted by those who do not make tiramisu because of their dislike for raw yolks – here they are boiled a little in a water bath. And the most pleasant bonus will be a recipe for homemade savoiardi cookies with a photo.

Tiramisu “Declaration of love”

This recipe is a rather bold and unusual combination of classic coffee flavor and sea buckthorn syrup. Cointreau orange liqueur adds a pleasant citrus note to the treat. This tiramisu will appeal to fans of non-trivial combinations. 

Raspberry tiramisu

Berry variation of tiramisu from Yulia Vysotskaya. For impregnation, you will need cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest, lime juice and, of course, juicy raspberries. The dessert is not suitable for children, because red and white wine are among the ingredients. But adults will definitely appreciate it! Serve tiramisu in elegant portion molds.

Tiramisu with white chocolate

Original tiramisu with two types of chocolate. Melted dark chocolate is added to the cream with mascarpone and whipped cream. White chocolate in the form of crumbs completes the sweet composition.

Pancake tiramisu

The flight of culinary thought sometimes leads to very interesting ideas. For example, to the recipe for tiramisu without eggs and without cookies, where pancakes can be used instead of the usual biscuit. The cream, by the way, is also original here – with condensed milk. This recipe is definitely worth checking out!

Tiramisu with mango and banana

Recipe for children’s tiramisu with banana, mango juice and vanilla. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare the dessert, and then it will need to be infused in the refrigerator. Take note of the recipe to please loved ones!

Chocolate tiramisu with pear

Julia Vysotskaya also likes to experiment. We offer you a recipe for tiramisu with chocolate biscuit, pears and vanilla. For impregnation, instead of ground coffee, instant coffee is perfect. However, sweet wine for cream, choose high-quality.

Creamy tiramisu cheesecake

Dessert for those who can’t decide: tiramisu or cheesecake. Why choose when you can make an unusual combo! For the base you will need chocolate chip cookies and classic savoiardi. The highlight of the cake is a layer of mocha chocolate cream sprinkled with cocoa. Dessert should be prepared the day before serving, because it must be kept in the refrigerator overnight.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

The cream for this cheesecake is made from two types of cream cheese: mascarpone and Philadelphia. Instead of savoiardi, take simple dry cookies. There is no alcohol in the recipe, so the treat will suit big and small gourmets.

Cake “Strawberry-basil tiramisu”

Strawberries and basil are a trendy culinary duo. Try it with a tiramisu recipe for a vibrant dessert with a fresh berry flavor. Note that cookies are used here not only for the biscuit base, but also as sides of the cake. 

Sweets “Tiramisu”

We conclude our selection with a simple and quick recipe for Tiramisu flavored sweets. It will take only 20 minutes of time and 5 ingredients: cookies, mascarpone, coffee, chocolate and cognac. The delicacy does not even need to be infused in the refrigerator. You can serve right away!

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