How to Sharpen a Knife Sharper Knives in 6 Easy Ways at Home!

How to Sharpen a Knife Sharper Knives in 6 Easy Ways at Home!

Knife sharpening is a necessity for knives that are constantly used and lose their sharpness. You either give up on knives that lose their sharpness or take them to a master who sharpens knives and makes them feel like new. If you are constantly using the same knife in the kitchen, after a while, the tip of the knife may become blunt. This situation is quite normal. Worn knife iron loses its cutting feature after a while and can give you a hard time in the kitchen. What happens to these moments? Tomatoes that disperse their juices because they are not cut, vegetables that slide off the cutting board, and meats that never fall apart, and more. Here is the information that will save you from these situations.

We have answered the question of how to sharpen the knife we ​​have prepared for you, how to make the knife sharp at home. With these methods, which you can apply very easily at home, the sharpness of the knives is regained. Here are the most practical knife sharpening tricks!

1) Knife Sharpening Stone

  • This is a knife, it is used all the time, it makes work easier in the kitchen. When the moment comes, he gives up. Once razor-sharp, blades lose their sharpness when used intensively.
  • In such cases, you can use the knife sharpening stone that you can get from any cheap shop. Knife sharpening stones with an average price of 15 TL can be at hand at any time in the kitchen.
  • You will need this stone very much, especially in the rush of Eid al-Adha. If you want to cut the meat instantly and prepare the food easily, you can bring innovation to the knives by purchasing the knife sharpening stone.
  • What you need to do is to put the knife sharpening stone through the water once, put it on a non-slip surface and rub the knife back and forth on this stone.
  • Sharpen for a few minutes and then notice the change in the blade.

2) Porcelain Bottom Mug

  • There is usually an unpolished part at the bottom of porcelain mugs. This part, similar to gypsum, can be very useful for you in the kitchen.
  • To sharpen the knives before use, choose a mug and turn it upside down to fix it on the floor. Then touch the blade you want to sharpen to the thin section at the bottom of the cup.
  • You can make your knives sharper by moving forward and backward. Do not forget to wipe your knife with a damp cloth after sharpening the knife.
  • With this method, you can make vegetable knives and other knives sharper.

3) Dinner Plate Base

  • You can choose the lower part of the dinner plate to sharpen larger knives. The cup method we just described may be suitable for smaller knives.
  • When you want to sharpen the knives using the bottom of the dinner plate, turn the plate upside down on a cloth and prevent it from slipping.
  • Then, rub the dull part of the blade on the surface under the plate to sharpen it. You can get more useful knives by trying this practical method before cooking.
  • While applying this method, you should be careful not to cut your hand.

4) Double Blade Method

  • Although this method, which was used by butchers in ancient times, is quite efficient, it can lead to dangerous results in cases where attention is not paid.
  • In this method, which you will try by rubbing two knives together, if you are distracted, one of the knives may slip and cut your hand.
  • For this reason, we recommend that you give your full attention to the blades when applying the double blade method.
  • You can choose this method for knives of all sizes and types. Careful application is recommended.

5) Newspaper Papers

  • Did you know that you can sharpen knives using newsprint? This method is effortless and very practical.
  • Take a newspaper and make sure that the leaves overlap. Then place your knife on the edges of the newspaper papers.
  • Wipe the knives with newspapers as if you are wiping your knives with the help of a cloth.
  • You can delete it a little too quickly, being very careful. In this way, the sharpness of medium-sized knives will be restored.

6) How to Sharpen a Knife with a Machine?

  • You can use electric or battery-powered knife sharpeners to sharpen knives at home by yourself.
  • The knife sharpening machine you place on a non-slip surface will return the knives to their former sharpness without the need for arm strength.
  • You can find knife sharpeners in different price ranges and types on the internet or in glassware stores.

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