Place the cloth cover on the top of the refrigerator

Many families are careful to use a large cloth to cover the top of the refrigerator. This helps keep the refrigerator clean and new for longer.

However, this is not good in terms of feng shui when the curtain fabric is considered to be a barrier between the emotions of family members, causing frictions to arise and money in the house to be easily wasted. fortune fortune.

Electrical Appliances

It is best not to put electrical appliances on the refrigerator, we believe everyone knows that electrical appliances have magnetic fields, if two electrical appliances are too close together, the magnetic fields will interfere with each other. Magnetic field is not only a physical magnetic field but also suitable for feng shui, if you put electrical items on the refrigerator, the cooling ability of the refrigerator is also poor, the lifespan of electrical appliances is shortened, leading to loss of money.

Green trees

Putting green plants on the refrigerator is something that many people do, it can play a decorative and beautifying role, but doing so is a mistake. Not only makes the refrigerator’s heat dissipation ability worse, but also makes the radiation of the refrigerator affect the trees easily wither, the feng shui spirit is getting weaker and weaker, when the God of Fortune sees it, he will run away.


Do not put too many sundries on the refrigerator. Many people put some sundries on the refrigerator because they think they can make use of the space but it looks cluttered and unsightly.

One of the important factors in feng shui is cleanliness, orderliness, placing too many miscellaneous items on the refrigerator will only make wealth “fly without wings”.

In addition, food left in the refrigerator for too long should be thrown away, especially food that is spoiled or past its expiry date, the smell of mold will affect fortune.

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