Golden food group for women in the cold season

Golden food group for women in the cold season

Eating seasonally has many health benefits. In winter, your body is easily attacked by bacteria and viruses, so you need to be more careful in eating. You can change your daily menu with the following ideal winter foods!

1. Mushrooms

To strengthen the body’s immunity, mushrooms are a good choice.

To strengthen the body’s immunity, mushrooms are a good choice. In addition, if you eat mushrooms regularly, it will help the body eliminate harmful toxins in the blood, cool the liver, detoxify and make the skin smoother and more ruddy.

In mushrooms, the main component is water (90%) but there are enough essential amino acids (20 types). Besides, mushrooms do not contain cholesterol and are low in fat. Therefore, for those on a diet, mushrooms will be a wise choice.

2. Legumes

Referring to legumes, we are referring to rich sources of nutrients such as C, K, Mg, B vitamins, folate…

Therefore, people who include enough legumes in their diets often avoid cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and even cancers. Like other fruits and vegetables, the antioxidants in beans help women maintain a youthful and toned appearance.

3. Seafood

Seafood is good for you in winter.

If your body has enough zinc, it will help strengthen the body’s immunity because thanks to zinc the immune system can activate. Therefore, you should supplement zinc thanks to seafood such as shrimp, crab, crab, oyster, oyster, clam, etc. In addition, thanks to zinc, it affects the synthesis and resolution of nucleic acids and proteins, so the risk of Infections of the body will also be significantly reduced.

To reduce cholesterol in the blood, you should also eat a lot of seafood. Especially, with the beauty of women, seafood becomes extremely useful. It can act to slow down the aging process of the skin, and at the same time produce collagen for a woman to maintain her youthfulness.

Particularly with clams and oysters, Viagra foods will make it easier for you to sublimate in your married life to achieve the best fulfillment for physiology and psychology.

4. Fruits high in vitamin C

Kiwi fruit will be a great choice if you need vitamin C as an effective shield against viral attacks during the cold season. In addition, citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits … which are rich in vitamin C will also protect you against flu effectively. These antioxidant-rich fruits will also be your great companions in beautifying the skin, helping to avoid darkening, peeling, or cracking in the cold season.

5. Foods containing probiotics

Probiotics are needed by the body to produce beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics are necessary for the body to produce beneficial bacteria that resist external influences caused by weather changes. Therefore, foods such as yogurt, soy milk are very suitable for winter. In addition, for the digestive system, these probiotics also help balance intestinal activity, facilitating the body’s comprehensive absorption of nutrients from food, helping the body avoid common infections and diseases. eliminate toxins. Therefore, eating enough foods containing probiotics will help the toned the body, supple the body, and get vibrant skin.

6. Garlic

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of garlic have been proven by both Eastern and Western medicine. Recent studies have also shown a great effect of garlic on beneficial fetal weight gain and reducing depression. for pregnant women. Particularly for women’s beauty, garlic also helps prevent skin aging, helps nourish and develop hair follicles, giving you smooth hair and smooth skin.

However, you should only use 1 clove of garlic for a day. To keep your breath odor-free after using garlic, you should chew a few basil leaves and rinse your mouth immediately afterward.

7. Tea

Tea has many benefits for the body.

Everyone knows the benefits of tea for the body. People who drink from 4 to 5 cups of black tea per day will maintain their youth, strengthen the immune system and avoid infections and diseases such as kidney stones and cancer. Many types of tea have a very good weight loss effect for women.

However, you should only drink tea when full to avoid low blood sugar or intestinal upset. Drinking tea right after a meal is also not good for the digestive system.

The above winter foods hope to help you enrich your meals this winter. That is also how you keep your health and shape to prepare for a radiant new spring.

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