Can you freeze avocados?

Can you freeze avocados

The avocado ranks among the most delicate foods. It’s tasty and rich with nutrients and vitamins. We end up throwing it away when it reaches maturity. In today’s blog, we will tell you about how to freeze avocados and can you freeze avocados?

Can you freeze avocados?

Can you freeze avocados? Yes, you can freeze avocados for about 4-6 months.

Although most nutrients are preserved during freezing, avocados tend to get mushy when thawing. It is best to reserve frozen avocados for preparations such as guacamole, dips or smoothies.

How to freeze avocados?

  1. Start by cutting the avocados in half, then remove the pits and peel them. If you want, you can cut them into smaller pieces.
  2. Brush the exposed flesh of the avocados with a little lemon juice to prevent browning.
  3. Wrap the avocados in plastic wrap and put them in a freezer bag. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can use that instead.
  4. Seal the freezer bag or container tightly, pushing out as much air as possible. It is important to ensure that as little air as possible comes into contact with the flesh to avoid browning and freezer burn.
  5. Label the freezer bag with the date and contents, then put the avocados in the freezer.

How to freeze mashed avocados?

  1. After peeling and pitting the avocados, mash or puree them by hand or using a blender.
  2. Put the mash in an airtight container, ice cube tray or reseal able freezer bag, pushing out as much air as possible.
  3. Label the container or freezer bag with the date and contents, then put the mashed avocado in the freezer.

How long do avocados last in the freezer?

Avocados will keep for about 4 to 6 months in the freezer.

How to thaw avocados?

To thaw your avocados (or mashed avocados), remove them from the freezer and let them thaw in the fridge or at room temperature. Thawing usually takes about 1 hour at room temperature.

Thawed avocados are great for making salad dressings, smoothies, and other foods like guacamole, dips, and spreads.

Although it is often unappetizing to eat thawed avocados plain or in a salad due to the change in texture, you can safely eat them that way if you wish.

Can you refreeze avocados?

Avocados are very sensitive. At the first freezing, their flavor and texture already degrade a lot. If you refreeze them, you will only make the problem worse.

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