12 Herbal Remedies Good for Eye Blood Pressure

Eye Blood Pressure

The eye, which is the most important organ that allows you to see beautiful days and all the details of life, can be damaged even by a small defect. In order to prevent possible damage and protect eye health, it is recommended to have eye control regularly. During the eye examinations performed throughout the year, the degree of your eyesight and the possibility of disease are determined.

What Is Good For Eye Blood Pressure?

  • Tomato
  • broad beans
  • Blackhead Grass
  • Black Cumin
  • Carrot
  • Melissa Tea
  • Spinach
  • Chili pepper
  • Flaxseed
  • turmeric
  • Onion Juice
  • Fennel

This time, we continue our useful articles prepared for you to have healthy days, this time with eye pressure. Eye pressure, which appears in many of the society, deeply affects daily routines. This disease can occur in people of all ages. In recent days, it has not fallen off the agenda of experts.

Eye pressure is a disease that is explained to the clients by experts such as İbrahim Saraçoğlu and is cured with herbal treatment methods if necessary.

To the question of what is good for high eye pressure, experts also give advice to strengthen eye health in general. Tea currant increases blood flow to the eye vessels, astazantine is a preventative against retinal problems, fish oil helps to reduce intraocular pressure, and magnesium relaxes the eye vessels.

If you believe in herbal treatment methods and want to treat the formed eye pressure naturally ; You should definitely take a look at our herbal solutions for eye pressure. All the details about the herbal treatment of eye pressure and the answers to the question of what is good for eye pressure are now included in these healing lines. In addition, we have listed all the recommendations for you, if you want to pay attention to what those with eye pressure should pay attention to.

When you learn the herbal ways to improve eye pressure, you will be able to easily do your treatment at home!

What is Eye Pressure?

  • Eye tension “glaucoma” is an eye disorder known as.
  • It occurs as a result of loss of function of the optic nerve and is serious.
  • This disease is also called “Blackwater Disease” in some regions .
  • It occurs due to the frequent rise in pressure inside the eye.
  • As the pressure inside the eye rises; the field of view narrows. Over time, it causes serious damage up to permanent vision loss.
  • Eye pressure is usually a risk for everyone, but it is more likely to occur in people over the age of 40.
  • This disease, which steals the sense of sight silently and insidiously, causes a high loss of vision when it is late.
  • Eye pressure, which is experienced from time to time in infancy and childhood, manifests itself in later ages.
  • Glaucoma is also known as an eye disease that shows itself years later and informs with small signs.

What Is Good For Eye Blood Pressure? 12 Herbal Remedies at Home

1) Tomato

  • It is recommended for people with eye pressure to consume tomatoes raw or by squeezing their juice during the day.
  • Tomato juice has a blood pressure lowering effect and protects eye health by lowering eye pressure.
  • What is good for eye pressure is a question also answered by İbrahim Saraçoğlu, and Saraçoğlu recommends drinking 1 glass of tomato juice every day for 1 month for this ailment.

2) Pods

  • Broad bean, whose benefits do not end with counting, is also effective for eye pressure. It is recommended that those with eye pressure complaints consume broad beans at least once a week .
  • You can prepare broad beans in various ways and add color to your meals and reduce eye pressure.
  • If you are researching what is good for eye pressure, and especially if you are in spring, it is very easy to consume fresh broad beans. You can also consume the broad beans that you put in the freezer this season.

3) Blackhead Grass

  • Among the plants that are good for eye pressure, there is black pepper, which is also known to be good for different ailments such as colds and depression.
  • Blackbash is one of the medicinal plants. When boiled and consumed as herbal tea, it is beneficial for eye pressure.
  • You can balance the eye pressure by drinking a cup of black tea tea during the day .

4) Black Cumin

  • Among the natural solutions to eye pressure, there is black seed, which is a panacea.
  • One of the benefits of herbs is black cumin. You can consume black cumin on cheese and yogurt.
  • If you wish, you can keep the eye pressure in balance by regularly chewing 1 teaspoon every morning .

5) Carrot

  • Among the things that are good for eye pressure, there is also carrot, which has been known for centuries to be beneficial for the eyes in general.
  • Recommended for eye health, carrot is a herbal medicine for people with high eye pressure. You can control vision health by consuming carrots during the day or adding them raw to salads.
  • You can also balance eye pressure by drinking carrot juice.

6) Melissa Tea

  • If you are looking for a herbal solution for eye pressure, you can sip balm tea, which is perfect for stress.
  • Melissa tea is a herbal tea that controls blood flow and relaxes the veins. It is also recommended for eye pressure.
  • If you have eye pressure, it is recommended to consume lemon balm tea in moderation and regularly.

7) Spinach

  • If you are wondering what foods can be good for eye pressure, you can eat a lot of spinach!
  • Spinach is a vegetable containing vitamin C and antioxidant substances. Benefits include lowering blood pressure.
  • It is recommended that those with eye pressure disease consume spinach regularly. You can have healthy meals with spinach juice.

8) Hot Pepper

  • Hot pepper, which performs cell repair of patients with eye pressure, can be preferred in case of eye pressure.
  • Hot pepper, which protects the body’s immune system, will also show its healing properties in eye pressure.

9) Flaxseed

  • Flaxseed is one of the beneficial foods. People diagnosed with eye pressure are recommended to consume flaxseed frequently.
  • If you wish , you can control eye pressure by swallowing a teaspoon of flaxseed .

10) Turmeric

  • If you are looking for a solution to eye pressure at home, it may be good to head to the section where the spices are in the kitchen.
  • Turmeric is a medicine for almost many diseases. Now it is the cure for people suffering from eye pressure.
  • You can reduce eye pressure by consuming turmeric tea or foods .

11) Onion Juice

  • One way to lower the pressure inside the eye is to drink onion juice.
  • Thanks to the antibiotic effect in onion juice, eye pressure is controlled and vision is strengthened.

12) Fennel

  • Fennel, which is frequently mentioned in the list of herbal teas , reduces the high pressure in the eye. It expands the field of vision.
  • If you have a diagnosed eye pressure disease; You can consume fennel tea regularly.

Eye Pressure Symptoms, How to Tell?

You can look for the following signs in yourself to understand whether you have eye pressure. If a few of the symptoms on the list are observed , do not waste time going to the eye doctor.

  • Headache
  • blurred vision
  • frequent tearing of the eyes
  • Nausea and vomiting sensation
  • The colored circles you think you see when you look into the high light
  • Experiencing pain when viewing television or other electronic devices
  • occasional reddening of the eyes

What Should the Eye Pressure Be?

Eye pressure should be within a certain range for every person. If we express these ideal numbers to you, we get the following result:

  • It should be measured between 10 – 20 mm Hg Mercury pressure.
  • Results above this figure are sufficient for the diagnosis of glaucoma.

What Causes Eye Pressure?

There are factors that trigger eye pressure. While it is possible to eliminate some causes, there is no solution for others. Let’s examine the situations that cause the formation of this ailment:

  • eye injury
  • genetic factors
  • Anemia
  • blood pressure disease
  • Diabetes
  • be over 40
  • Long-term use of cortisone
  • visual disturbances
  • Glaucoma may occur due to conditions such as migraine.

What Should Those Who Have Eye Pressure Do Not Do?

People with eye pressure have to make some changes in their lives. Let’s remind you from the list of the points you need to pay attention to in order to improve the quality of vision :

  • You should not neglect the medications given by your doctor for eye pressure.
  • You should not continue to use television and telephone for a long time.
  • You should avoid consuming sugary and fatty foods.
  • If there is eye pressure caused by anemia; You should pay attention to your diet. You should consume foods that balance blood sugar and make blood.
  • You should avoid salty and fried foods.

How Is Eye Blood Pressure Treated?

The eye pressure medical treatment are also available. For this, you should consult your ophthalmologist and go through the examination. During the examination, your eye pressure is measured and routine control is performed. If the same high result is obtained frequently, treatment methods are expressed to you. The treatment methods that will be offered to you are as follows:

  • Drug Treatment: The fluid in the eye is balanced with the drugs given. If the eye pressure has not decreased after the use of medication, surgical intervention may be required.
  • Laser Treatment: When laser beam treatment is applied, people are prevented from having an eye pressure crisis. Thanks to this treatment, which is a very simple procedure, the disease is largely prevented.
  • Surgical Intervention: It is applied to people for whom drugs are insufficient. The procedure is performed to facilitate the drainage of the intraocular fluid. A very small hole is opened and excess fluid is removed from this hole. This method of treatment also eliminates the disease of almost many people.

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