Vacuum chicken stew for a warm Christmas party

Vacuum chicken stew for a warm Christmas party

In the traditional Christmas parties of Westerners, turkey is indispensable. They can bake or stuff large whole chestnuts to celebrate Christmas with the family.

If you intend to have a party for the whole family, you can apply the “sous-vide” vacuum-cooked turkey to add a warm color to this Christmas season.

A traditional Christmas party cannot be complete without turkey.

Sous cooking techniques 

The sous-vide cooking technique is very popular in the West in recent years. In our country, this technique has existed for a long time, but due to its sophistication, most dishes cooked by this method are processed by traditional restaurants.

The characteristic of the sous-vide method is the vacuum environment and low temperature. That is, the ingredients after being seasoned will be put in a nylon bag (allowed for use in food processing) and steamed to create a vacuum environment. Then, the bag will be sealed and put in a pot of hot water at a temperature of 55 to 70 degrees Celsius. The meat will cook slowly for many hours. Usually, with fish or vegetables, it only takes a few hours, but if it is meat, it can take up to half an hour or a whole day depending on the amount of meat you put in.

The characteristic of the sous-vide method is the vacuum environment and low temperature.

With this method, it may take you more time but your results will be perfect. You and your family can fully enjoy the freshness and natural sweetness of food. At the same time, it will limit the loss of vitamins during processing.

Chicken sous – video for family Christmas party tiệc

Chicken sous-vide for a warm Christmas party.

To reduce the processing time, use the chicken breast or thighs in nylon and vacuum. After closing the bag, put it in a pot of boiling water at 60 degrees Celsius and wait for 3 hours.

You take out the cooked chicken by the sous-vide method and turn it over low heat evenly until the outer skin is golden and crispy. If you don’t have the opportunity to roast, you can fry this part of the chicken. Note, it should be fried on low heat until the outer skin is crispy. If you leave it on high heat and fry it quickly, you can ruin the food you worked on.

This chicken dish you can serve with mashed potatoes, some red cabbage, and sweet and sour kumquat sauce. Of course, you can’t go without a bottle of fine red wine to make a great pairing for this Western-style dish.

All will make a memorable Christmas night not only for the taste but also for the cohesion of all members of your family.

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